Stroobz takes on Pascal and Pearce… Like Jay Leno With Impotency

Pascal and Pearce are a DJ duo. Pascal Ellinas, also known as Natalie Portman with a beard, partnered with Dave Pearce, or “the White Mr T” in some circles, and have made colossal tidal waves through an ever volatile local electro scene. And while Dave has to kneel in photos in order to cancel the extraordinary height difference, these two see eye to eye on a musical level. I first raved to Pasci at a tender age of 16. My face was practically covered in Vicks, my sweat was waterfalling and the little tropical maestro played some serious hardhouse. I danced hard, and my jaw worked itself inside out. Nearly ten years later and I still endure a similar reaction to one of their sets; except for most part nowadays I am wearing a shirt. Their long, fruitful history with MyCityByNight has culminated in a sit down chat where we get to know the real guys. Where we unpeel the publicised banana, and really begin to eat the true fruit. You know, tearing away the shell and getting to the juicy epicentre of their humanity.  Its basically the first part of a porno, before the chicks start taking off their clothes and are just giving us a background story. Except we’re dudes. And this won’t lead to sex. Hopefully.

MyCityByNight: Dave, if you could dress Pasci up in the exact same clothes as you, shave him appropriately and get him to walk in the same way (basically an actual Mini-Me), where would you take him first and who would you most like to freak out?

Dave: Hmmmm… that’s quite a tricky one. I’d probably get him a little green suit, complete with waistcoat and top hat, and some black shoes with gold buckles – and a fake ginger beard, with an eye patch. Kind of like a leprechaun-pirate if you will. Then I’d take him to a trance party, find the most magical wizard on the d-floor and get him to run around him in circles shouting “yaaaarrrrr, where’s me pot o’ gold!!!”

MCBN: If you guys could be any Star Wars characters, who would it be? And what is the first thing you would do with a Light Sabre?

Pascal: Firstly, before I answer probably the most defining question of my life, I would like to thank Kyle Stroebel – other wise known as Andy Dicks’ lost bi cousin, who has not only made this interview possible, but such a pleasure. Thanks again Kylie $ & all at MCBN 🙂 – I would probably be Skywalker, he is the reign maker. I would try light something called Skywalker ironically found in abundance in the greater Amsterdam galaxy.

Dave: Hahaha, waaaay too many good options… I want to say Vader but that’s a little mainstream. Probably Admiral Ackbar – you gotta be pretty gangster to get that high up the chain of command looking like a fish! I’d take my Light Sabre raving and use it like a big glow-stick, FULL rush 🙂

MCBN: Ok, onto something musical. Which of you is the best singer and would you ever feature on one of your own records?

Pascal: Dave is the most experienced in that department, so I would say him.  He featured on “When the sun goes down” with Andrew & Brian Chaplin.

Dave: Although I sang a tiny bit of one song on our first album, I’d have to say Pasci – he tries to keep it underground, but i’ve heard him sing a mad ‘Den Katalavaino Tipota’ by Kostas Haritodiplomenos… it’s emotionally moving.

MCBN: Who is the most over rated commercial “artist”?

Dave: Lady Gaga – I don’t get that whole vibe. When I was a kid being a transsexual was frowned upon, when did it become cool? I definitely missed that memo!

Pascal: I’m not going to pull anyone down here, there is a lot of crap & great music out there. The trick is to appreciate it all!

MCBN: If you were to do a collab with anyone that is completely unrelated to the traditional “electro” scene who would it be?

Dave: Travis Barker, he’s the man! Or Kostas Haritodiplomenos, Pasci would like that.

Pascal: Dr Dre, Damien Marley, Busta Rhymes, there are so many inspiring artists out there!

MCBN: You would obviously have to change your name if you made banjo folk music, so what would it be?

Pascal: The Honky Tonk Man with Shotgun & Whi$key Pete.

Dave: Either “Ezekiel Learns to Dance” or “River Dan the Banjo Man”

MCBN: Do have any idea at what age Andy Carroll had his sex change?

Dave: Well, I could be wrong, but I believe it was an old, old wooden ship used in the Civil War era.

Pascal: This sounds like a usual Chelsea dream.

MCBN: Is there anything that you wont eat? What makes your stomach curdle?

Dave: Anything that Kyle Stroebel cooks… ooooh, low blow! Haggis and Black Pudding, eergh.

Pascal: That Imasi off-milk stuff probably takes it. If you are ever around a really drunk mate at a petrol station, buy a carton and then get them to try some…just say it’s pineapple juice.

MCBN: Have either of you ever walked in on the other doing something “they shouldn’t have been doing”?

Pascal: Thank goodness no, but I once experienced Kylie $ at a rave busting it thick on the bar like a cat-belly dancer with a Phd in fire-poi. He said to me before he started what seemed like a strange sexual ritual; “Paski, this is how you make it reign my boi.” Next to him I witnessed what looked like three blokes with no shirts, no steroids, tight short-pants wearing bufffalos, plus those epic full bek sunnies from Oakleys.

Dave: No, not really – we’re boring like that.

MCBN: You get to have dinner with any 3 people dead or alive. Who would it be and what would you serve?

Dave: Zinadine Zidane, Seth Macfarlane and Adolf Hitler – I’d just serve bacon and stuff.

Pascal: Sacha Baron Cohen, Danny McBride and Derren Brown. I wouldnt serve anything as I’m an average chef, so I’d arrange a three course vibe with rare whiskies and the finest “A” grade dank.

MCBN: Realistically by the time this interview goes out your second album Passport2.0 will have more than likely gone quadruple platinum. Where to from here? How do you possibly go further and be more innovative?

Pascal: Hahaha thanks! We just want to make people happy through the music we make. We have an awesome project that we want to see fruit this upcoming season, so we just need to continue working hard and we’re sure you will hear all about it when its ready for action! 🙂

Dave: We’re going to just keep going on the same path, working on lots of remixes and a few new originals too – since we started working on the first album we haven’t really stopped for longer than 2 weeks, so if we can just keep up all the hard work I’m sure we’ll be fine!

MCBN: Where is one local location, which has never hosted a party, but should really host one soon?

Pascal: Robben Island

Dave: Big festival on top of Table Mountain, that would be rad.

MCBN: In you illustrious career, what has been your greatest achievement?

Dave: Being interviewed by Kyle Stroebel.

Pascal: Meeting Bass Kleph was really inspiring, and obviously being signed to Just Music and Spinning was life changing!

MCBN: If you could learn one other language, what would it be and why?

Dave: Shyriiwook – Google it 🙂

Pascal: There is a language which apparently  comprises bits & pieces of all of the major languages which was developed by a really clever dude in order to develop proper vocal and organ stimulation, so in essence that would be ideal. Realistically though, Spanish would be rad!

MCBN: Finally the “would you rather…” cherry on top. In a world where body part transplants are real would you rather…  do a face-off swop with DJ Fresh (But hes the first ever genuine black ginger, with freckles and all) or swop faces with Gareth Cliff (but he’s about a week into Movember and thus looks like hes growing blonde pubes on his lips)?

Dave: Definitely DJ Fresh, he’s the man! Besides, gingers aren’t so bad – some of my best mates have ginger friends…

Pascal: Hate to say it, but probably the Fresh thing – it might look rad at night!

Now its our turn – this one is for all at MCBN 🙂

Would you rather hop on sharp rocks whilst continually clapping out of time 50m outside every trance party for the next 10 seasons, selling only bags of melted ice. You are also there a day before and after the party with no sunnies, shade or shoes, just personality.


Would you rather, everyday you come home to your dogs having sex on your bed, especially on your pillows. No matter what you do, they always manage to get into your bedroom, you sometimes even wake up with them going at it. You can’t get rid of the dogs until they pass on, & if they have puppies they do the same thing.

Stroobz: This was so not part of the deal. Im inspired by loving making in the animal kingdom. Seeing mammals with a zest for a life and an unrivaled instinctual drive for reproduction is truly the essence of mother nature. And I hate off beat trance music. And mud. And hippies. Dog mating it is. Every time. And Id get a chiuaua and a great Dane, just cause id like to appreciate the physics of it all.

Kreg: Wow, this is a tough… Seeing as though I am not the biggest fan of dogs, I would pass on that… I think I would go with the trance mission, take Ratboy with me and the “no sunnies, shades or shoes, just personality” seems like a normal Sunday out 😉 10 seasons though… Ummm… hahahaha

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