Stripping for Jesus

Fresh from another weekend and of resting and taking it easy on God’s day I came across this interesting bit of news about an ex-stripper in the US who has now reformed from her booty shaking waves to now offer a pole dancing class for Christians.

Crystal Dean of Old Town Spring in Houston, US, hosts a Pole Fitness for Jesus class every second Sunday, where she teaches women ‘to feel good about themselves and feel empowered’.

The class is ‘ladies-only’ and to even qualify for these lessons, you need to provide proof of your Sunday church programme to gain entrance. How quaint.

Totally kitted out in “stripper heels” and working the pole to some upbeat contemporary Christian rock, Crystal assures outraged fellow Christians that she’s not teaching people how to be strippers, but instead how to worship their God-given temple with dance. And a stripper pole. And 9 inch heels. And some spandex and boob tubes.

Just think of the branding opportunities- you could have spandex hot pants emblazened with ‘WWMMD’ – What Would Mary Magdalene Do.


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