Streets Exhibition Cape Town

MyCityByNight loves art! Especially art that is made using the experiences of the nightlife culture that has made our little site so damn popular. The Streets Exhibition is exactly that…

While out having a rather large jam at Assembly a few weeks back, I met a guy by the name of Ant who had a chalkboard with him in the club. Slightly intrigued by this I asked him a little bit more about the project he was busy with and what exactly it was all about.

A group of artists divided up the city of Cape Town and were tasked with capturing the essence of the city and its culture. This particular artist was tasked with the area of Harrington Street were some of the city’s most awesome nightlife experiences take place (nice way of saying, ous are jolling around here). He decided that the best way to get peeps involved was to use a chalkboard with the words “I have a dream”- offering punters an opportunity to complete the sentence and then be snapped to become part of this awesome exhibition.

These shots along with the contributions of the other artists will be on show at The Streets Exhibition taking place at St Stephen’s, Riebeek Square, Bree Street.

The dates are as follows:

17 May (opening night) – 18:00 til late

18 May- 20 May – 12pm til late

Hosted by Commonground Innercity this one is going to be an exhibition with a difference… Go and support our local artists and the industry!!!

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