Street2Strip 27 April 2011

Nothing gets the blood pumping like the smell of petrol and burning rubber!!! And no, we’re not talking service delivery protests in Fiksburg… we’re talking about Street2Strip… ( an online magazine that details happenings within the automotive and customizing world) will be hosting the Street2Strip event and will be adding some their own special flavour to the evening. The basic idea is for all race entrants on the day to an online Raceweb database where future races and challenges can be set up online and can then be taken to the strip for everyone to see! Yes, that’s right, you will be able to settle your beef with a traditional drag race, just how they used to do it in the old days before.

The Easter edition of Street2Strip at Killarney Raceway will see a superbike go head to head against a supercar as well as a “Winners Lane” slot where racers race in their lane until beaten! Yup- old school arcade styles, put your 5bop on the machine!! In a super nice touch for all those peeps that couldnt be bothered to get down to the event, there will be a live webcam feed from the event so you can see who’s lining up with who and what’s going on. All you have to do is log on to and check it out from there.

Oh ya… and then as is the case with EVERY car show, there will be MOOINESS!! Apart from the usual models, there will also be a bikini “dirt moving session” aka car wash hosted in the new pit facility as well as an SPL testing session hosted by Ice Audio. (More info: Matthew – 071 879 5011). Cape Town’s top Dj’s will be spinning the decks inside.


Come and get and experience the various fast food stalls:

Boerewors, Steak Rolls, Salomies, Koeksisters, Samoosas and Pies, Tikka Chicken, Tuck Shop available for necessities.


Be prepared to be rocked all day long by top Dj’s mixing up a Storm:

– DJ Grant (411 Good Hope FM Show as guest DJ)

– Kurt Storm (411 Good Hope FM Show as guest DJ)

– Sherwin Brydon (New talent rocking Cape Town)



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