STR CRD at Cape Town Station Last Friday

Now its not often that MyCityByNight ‘report back’ on events, but this is one of those exceptions…
MyCityByNight had the pleasure of rocking the STR CRD event on Friday at Cape Town Station with Sportscene, Free Agent and adidas Originals. What a great way to spend Heritage Day!

If you didn’t make this event… WELL THEN YOU WERE A FOOL! We even gave away 5 tickets, and our winners loved every second of it! Simple as that. It kicked some serious ass! It had it all, DJ’s scratching, skaters, graffiti artists, guys tagging shoes, a Millers beer garden (awesome) and not to mention all the sickest street brands around on this earth!

We wont go into detail, as the videos tell all the stories, but Sportscene, Free Agent and the rest of the brands that were there, made it amazing!

Check this awesome shoebox adidas made for the event filled with their Star Wars Collection, which included the winners pair from our competition being shown!

The main event as far as the shoe customizing went, centred around one uber legend, Mr Alex Nash aka Nash Money. (Here is the interview we did with the legend). We had the chance to kick it and watch some Ninja Warrior with Alex Nash at MCBN HQ and let us tell you something- for a dude that famous, he’s such a down to earth guy (with a couple of jokes in his barrel that had us rolling around with laughter).

He did some customizing of his own on 11 pairs of shoes, to represent the 11 South African cultures! He did not disappoint either! Just check the video below!

Falko was also spraying up a piece outside the adidas Originals shoe box

All in all, it was a awesome day out and well worth the minuscule R50 ticket price! Long live the Millers tent, hehe!

So to Stephan, Hardy, Thithi and the rest of the Free Agent team, as well as the Sportscene crew and the brands associated with the event (Nandos, adidas, PF-Flyers, Puma, NSW… to name but a very few), well done a world class event! We’re looking forward to next year’s event… YES THAT MEANS THERE BETTER BE ONE!

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