Story at And Club


We love when movements of expression are started in South Africa, whether they’re related to fees or to the music culture in the most diverse country on the planet. That’s why we’re really excited that PUMA have teamed up with And Club in Newton to form Story…


You wake up, go to work, do your thing, rinse, repeat. You’ve got colleagues, bills, family lunches and deal-of-the-day specials on electrical juicers you don’t need. People know the 9-5 you, and on the surface, that’s your story. You’re ok with some people thinking that’s all there is to you though, because you’re part of an ever growing group of people who need more. You tell your story with your culture; your music, your art and your friends and you don’t need Jeff from accounting’s approval.

We are Story, and we feel the same way as you.

We didn’t create the Story, we’re just here to tell our side, and listen to yours.

Join us as we make sense of this next chapter. We’re starting fresh with no expectations and no bullshit, just a party, and a blank page.


Chapter 1 …………………………….. And, Newtown

Leighton Moody

Daniel Ray
Kevin Butho
Matt Suttner
The Rudeman
The Lazurusman



We can’t do this without you.

Presale tickets are available here

If you registered for comps with Yapsody, your ticket is still valid.


It was 9PM on a hot evening in Newtown. Our heroes had gathered at the city’s finest downtown dancing establishment, And. The proprietors had chosen to open early to get things started in the early hours of the night, with a few drinks and a couple of high fives.

About The Authors:

Curated by Daniel Ray, Travisto and Matt Suttner.

For more info please leave a comment below.

General admission is R80 and available at the door only.

24 October at 21:00 to 25 October at 04:00

39a Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street Newtown

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