Stop Making Me Apologise For Being White

Its hard being a highly educated white male in a contemporary South African social order. At the tender age of 8, the ANC became a governing force, liberating this young author and the land upon which he lived. The world rejoiced, the people cheered and I eventually learned how to conjugate a verb. I grew up, side-by-side with black guys, constantly aggrieved that I couldn’t beat them at a 100m sprint, but emotionally unattached to our differing pigments. The blissful ignorance of youth shone brightly; contextually unaware of the past, yet ambitious enough to succeed at all costs. Life was good, Mandela was doing the rumba to an applausive crowd, Francois Pienaar was lifting trophies, Darren Scott didn’t have AIDS and here I was; dreaming of a bigger future. And here I am. Im highly successful, I have two degrees framed above my bed, I make an admirable living, im politically astute and my grasp on social issues is both poignant and opinionated. I’ve worked my arse so far to the bone you can actually see my pelvis if I wear a g-string and I’m damn proud to be where I am. So why, in this tumultuous time of racial divide, am I feeling guilty for being white?

The ANC’s mandate is covered in the Freedom Charter, a somewhat contentious document in its wording, but undeniably a skeleton on which to build a unified nation. It stipulates that the land belongs to all those who live in it, except of course the estimated  5 million illegal immigrants that have hop scotched our ferocious borders.  These include affirmative action, Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment and various other bits and bobs of racially orientated legislature. Apartheid sucked, Verwoed’s a poes, we get it. And I believe for the moment it is of clinical importance that such laws exist in order to level the playing field. But how many times can I say “sorry”, extend not just an olive branch, but a whole fucking grove, before free handouts are abolished? When does the responsibility of achievement and economic freedom fall on the laps of my black brothers, as opposed to taking from the white guy?
Enter Julius Malema, a man who makes Idi Amin look like Bill Clinton in sweat pants. This weekend the intellectual juggernauts of the ANC Youth League descended upon Midrand for their elective conference. And besides trashing a hotel to the value of over a million rand, they discussed nationalizing mines, banks and forcibly removing white farmers from their legally purchased land. The complaint is that  “Africans” don’t have claim to what is rightfully theirs, and those evil Mercedes producing, Microsoft programming, Johnnie Walker drinking devils of the West are pillaging “their” resources. But how do you lay claim to ancestral birthright?

The problem is in the definition of heritage. In fact if we look at our deep-seated history we find that the Khoikhoi (or Khoi San) were the first inhabitants of the land, migrating around the central and western parts of the country. Until the 1500’s what we know today as South Africa actually housed none, to minimal amounts of black tribes. The Nguni and Zulus moved down the east coast in the late 1500’s. When these burly black men encountered the San, they murdered, raped and enslaved them, taking their land, or at least the land in which they dwelled and turned them from hunter gatherers into foot massagers and bell boys. Wow sounding a bit like that time-that-shall-not-be-named *Cough Cough Apartheid Cough*. The Pedi’s, of which Julius Malema is a proud heir , didn’t reach our borders until the 1800’s, but I guess as long as you’re black youre entitled to everything under the African sky, without having to develop it yourself.

Our principle basis for land reform is the “willing buyer, willing seller” initiative. Since 1994, 95 percent of all fully functioning farms given to previously disadvantaged individuals have failed completely in production and are now either vacant, baron, or non functional. But as long as they have land, who really needs food production? Eating after liberation is a prudent mantra. The state owns roughly a quarter of SA’s land, but we know they aren’t going to part with any of it. So now King Jules wants to take it without compensation, without proper training and without any direct birthright to it, regardless of when the owner purchased the property? Seems fair!

He also wants the mines and banks. Lets lay claim to everything, even the minerals trapped kilometers below ground, that superior European technology excavated at considerable economic investment, the minerals the Pedis would have totally dug up if it wasn’t for Johan Van Niekerk and Willem FlikBliksem. The banks are largely owned by international companies and taking them would completely cripple our economy, so Im not breaking into night sweats about that just yet, surely common sense will prevail? Yes, because our country is known for its overwhelming  logic and sound judgment.

But my issue is not restitution. Blacks were heavily disadvantaged during the struggle, and they need  compensation. But who? And for how long? To what end? But more importantly everytime something goes wrong in this country; take a bit of responsibility. The ANC has been in power for over 17 years and every single state owned institution has gone to shit through corruption and mismanagement. Its your fault, you’ve ousted the whitey so now he holds 2.4 percent of governmental positions. Yet its always the “racist white agenda” that’s to blame. Fuck that. I had nothing to do with racism until you called me one. The weight of this country’s future is bestowed on your shoulders ANC and you cant simply take from the white and give to the black in order to right wrongs, we’ll only regress as a nation. So please stop blaming me for all the fuck-ups. I wasn’t as involved in Apartheid for those first 8 years as you’ll have me believe. Lets focus on educating the youth, equipping them with skills, stop Julius Malema talking about white people worse than Voldemort about muggles, and actually seeing the good that whites can bring to the country, and then this rainbow nation can finally have a pot of gold at the end of it, that we can all enjoy together.
FOR THE RECORD: Im proud to be white, im thankful everyday. Not because of pre-1994 doom and gloom, but for the great achievements white people have made through the years. You can try and make me feel shame Julius, but it only makes my resilience stronger. A shaky flake of history shouldn’t determine the way you see us as a collective. We’re not all General Hertzog in disguise!

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    1. This “highly educated ” individual harps on familiar old themes and mispells “principal” and “barren”. Ouch! Radicals such as Malema exist in every society and are a useful part of the dialogue. Reasonable minds will prevail if freedom of speech and press is maintained.

      1. Cue Information and Media Bill debate… It looks like soon they’ll be coming after us bloggers as we’ll be the last remaining avenues of free speech. Woohoo, maybe we’ll get a statue one day of us with our foot on a laptop in the centre of town for our efforts!

  1. Well written and great points!! When will it not be a handicap to be well educated and white anymore again? Why should England and Australia profit from all our highly educated minds that go unappreciated and unutilised here in South Africa. and let’s not even start on the rugby..

    Actually … Go SHARKS!!!!!!

    1. But don’t forget all the coloured folk that had to leave who were all highly educated minds despite their circumstances and were unappreciated here in south africa who had to move to england and australia…. just saying.

  2. I think alot of white South African feel this way, I know i agree with you 100%.

  3. This article is trying to prove a point by trying to be just but ends up having a perspective from a guilty racist white person, let by gones be by gones. Nobody is walking past us saying you are the cause for our problems, they just keep doing their jobs. BEE and those legislature are trying to help them to get back into the world where we the white folk still run everything despite the hand full of black CEO’s of companies. At the end, all of this legislature will fall away when all the benefits trickle down equally in the economy and everybody is on the right footing, and we as white people can’t keep bringing this up. Julius Malema is a fool , we all know that but we should not point fingers and think we are being raped, economically as we still live in upper class neighbours far from the slums due to our skin colour and advantages, and we cannot forget that. The black people were not the only affected you know, coloured people were too, but they work hard everyday just like every one of us…

    1. @Rod You are beyond pathetic. I bet you will willingly hand over your wife to be raped too. Seriously grow some balls you spineless excuse of a human.

      1. Woha Peter i think that was a bit harsh. We never mentioned rape in the article, while Rod has some points i think i dealt with his misconceptions of the article in my earlier response.

        I take it you like the piece, so thank you, but never downplay the opinions of others so strongly. The last thing our country needs is more hate. It not about black vs. white. thats the whole point. Its that we’re willing to live in an all inclusive society, but in order for that to happen the blame game and picking on the whitey needs to stop!

        One love 🙂

        1. Fully agreed.. but sadly it starts from the parents as even in schools the ‘blame game’ is happening.. iv seen people blaming failure on the fact that the ‘whites’ have better facilities meanwhile they in the same class?? i want to live as one nation, i love South Africa.. and always will. i just wish there was more respect and tolerance, from both sides. 🙂

      2. Your response to Rod says so much about who you are Peter.

        Firstly, Rod should not be labelled pathetic just because he has a different opinion to you.

        Secondly, how on earth can you bet that he will hand over his wife to be raped? How do you know that? Raped by whom? (I think you will loose that bet)

        Thirdly, I’m sure he has balls. Just because he has a different opinion to yours, you assume he has no balls? How can you say that?

        Fourthly, calling him a spineless excuse for a human is based on what?

        Sorry Peter, while Rod has not demonstrated in any what what you accuse him of, you have clearly demonstrated what you are: a fool!

    2. I’m sorry.. you cant honestly condone BEE and all the things that the ANC have done.. crime rates are up, murder, rape etc. people like Julius should never be allowed to be in power. he is the most racist person in the country and he is public about it. it makes me sick to see people supporting him. you’ve clearly NEVER been affected by “black legislature” and then been blamed for it failing so just because YOU live in a rich area with lots of money and a fancy car.. that doesn’t speak for everyone. you get fired now due to BEE and try find another job as a white person. good luck.. maybe then you’ll change you’re tune a bit 🙂

      1. Stephen i understand that when BEE affects you as an individual it is one of the most frustrating experiences to endure. No argument there. However how can you expect apartheid to end and everything to magically be ok? there needs to be a form of economic integration. Is BEE a failure? Utterly! But the principle and the goals it is set to achieve are not. Its the system that is not working and archaic. Not what it is meant for! And i have been personally affected in a minor sense. read my reply to MJ 🙂

        1. And yes, im a very harsh critic of the ANC, but i could write an article every day on their cock ups and still not cover it all. Its about showing people there is an alternative. A better one. Time will change things, but if the majority of society is still uneducated then they will vote with their heart and not their head til Jesus comes.

    3. Hi Rod….I was born in 1988…I went to a top boy school in the JHB , a number of my classmates and friends were black. So they have been given the same “privileged” education that i have received. I too was rather oblivious to the hole apartheid disgrace as the majority of my black friends in my class parents lived in bigger houses and drove smarter cars than my parents.

      Being brought up in a “white family” we had a legendary gradener ” Leonard” . Leonard did not have a matric, but was determined to put his 2 sons through school and he did. Both he’s son today are holding down respectable jobs. I thus can only assumed that the beggars i would come across on roads side are those who chose to be there. As leonard realised, education was the way to climb the economic wealth ladder and did not want his children minimum wage, unskilled job..

      Thus the key to success is delay gratification , this is a concept few black people have managed to grasp…..thus….I need to educate and train myself in order to be worthy of a job….A job is not something you can create and just give to somebody just in order to satisfy a statistic….

      I matriculated in 2006, i can bet just about every cent i own that 90% of my black friends whom i hopefully will cross paths with at our 10 reunion would have done nothing with there lives given the unfair advantage they have received in comparison to the less fortunate black people of this country.

      Thus given everyone a free chance ( Grants and government handouts ) no matter how entitled they feel they are is not sustainable.

      I too am tied of paying for something i had very little contact with….Yes….The ANC has been in power for almost 2 decades….Few have gain and so many are still hanging onto Madiba’s dream….

      1. Hi Nathan. Well constructed letter. I can see that your good education stands you in good stead, and I’m sincere in saying this.

        What you and your fellow Black class mates have in common, is ‘cultural capital’. It is not difficult to figure out what that means. But it allows you to function and excel in a society in ways that the vast majority of people in this country can not achieve. Not soon anyway. It includes a whole history of way of doing things (culture) that is individualistic, that emphasis individual achievement, a certain discipline, a certain way of thinking, a certain decorum, etc etc. I am involved and have been involved with young people at school and university level for a long time. Those black kids that have been in the type of school that you have been since primary school, pretty much have the same cultural capital as you have. They have learnt your habits, your sense of humour, your discipline, your emphasis on individual achievement, and they will and do function pretty well in society. Nothing wrong.

        However, there is a far larger majority of people who had none of this, or so little of this that it did not stick. They are different to you and me in almost every way. They are doomed to fail as they are, because of BEE, put into positions that they are not equipped for (pretty much the same as if when you are put for example behind the controls of a 747 – please don’t tell me you are a pilot). So they are doomed to fail, not by any faulty u find your ssanctityof their own, but by their history. And when they fail, we are there to watch and make snide comments. You just watch how many people’s tone changes when they think they are slighted by a black shop assistant. Look at the disdain, see the sarcasm, see the “fucken typical” look in people’s eyes. Then you think about where you live, you think about the troubles your parents and grand parents have seen and lived, you think about where the wealth is right now as we speak, you think of how worthless you are perceived to be, you think of how different your house (and 80% of the population) is.

        Don’t get me wrong, the way that the wheel has turned, and the greedy exploitation that accompanied it is revolting (though not much different than it used to be). All I am pleading for is a little more understanding, a little more empathy. When that comes, our attitudes will change, and the animosity that largely exists may disappear, and we may find a better way forward.

        Your gardener Leonard is indeed legendary. He is also an exception. Not all of us have the cultural capital to be like that. Not all of us can achieve in sport. Or finance. Or be a Special Forces soldier. Do you get my point? Where is it written that your culture is better than anothers?

        1. “Not all of us can achieve in sport. Or finance. Or be a Special Forces soldier” …..Come now…you sound like you playing the pitty card??….No one ever said life was easy….Rioting outside government buildings will get me a job ( for which I have no skill but if you pay me I’ll try…and yes the service you receive will be poor because this is Africa and that’s the way it works – i detest this attitude)…… free house…free education….and Melema may even organise me some land while I stand here in the street with my hands in the air, chanting freedom songs???……..Give give and give some more!!! When does that stop and people start taking responsibility for their consequences…. I choose not to good to school, thus I’m a minimum wage earner…… you to a large extent create your own destiny!!!!!…..That is not “cultural capital” it’s logical and being honest with yourself….a childhood concept….” First work ….then play”……
          Concepts like BBE and free handouts are creating a society of entitlement which is dangerous and degenerating…..Lets rather give the tools….like a very old saying…..” give a man a fish and he’ll be hungry again tomorrow…teach a man to fish and he’ll never go hungry”…..

          1. Not sure what you mean by the ‘pitty (sic) card’?

            Anyway Nathan, your view is not the only view in the world. You are perhaps better equipped to make informed decisions than others with a lesser education are. But your snide and derisive attitude to other people, who are different to you, is a bit scary.

            And we really can base opinion and action on slogans, or on bible verses.

            But since you seem to have it all figured out, I’ll step aside.

  4. Very good piece! White has become like a mistake ‘you’ made, when in reality it was the bad judgement by ‘forefathers’ (e.g. the fuckheads you never knew or met). Swapping statures by force and then asking a nation to suffer to make up for ‘mistakes’? really

  5. Well written mate.

    Unfortunately the uneducated masses are the ones that he is playing too. Sounding like a firebrand leader is what you need to make them vote you to power (and keep you in the news)

    and then we are in the kak.

  6. Sorry Rod, zero guilt here. I feel guilty for nothing and have no reason to. I still passed matric with an A, was cut off from my parents very early on and have made my way through this big scary world entirely self-sufficiently.
    If I look at how, when a big ANC honcho is on trial for one reason or another, they have an adoring crowd around them constantly at the court house. Why are these people not looking for work, making their way, taking student loans, becoming better people? Yet they sit there during office hours shouting kill the boer? And then generalize and blame the white man when there isnt enough money to drink papsak on a friday (and yes i realise the generalization i just made, its in jest).
    My point was, that black people, not all of them, are becoming reliant on legislature and social grants, content in white bashing. I say fuck that. The laws are in place for them to succeed, when do they stop blaming others and take responsibility for their own future? The biggest problem in this country is the “give me” mentality… go and earn it yourself, then not only are you employed through discipline and hard work, but proud of an achievement you have implemented yourself!

    1. True, but coloured folk are also part of BEE, and many white people except me but “Not all” say it is unfair on us that they are getting these so called “racial legislatures” is it unfair ? No they didn’t ask for BEE etc but it was and still is needed, I said in my previous comment, it is morally right for them to get to where they were supposed to be in life, and like you said lots of people have the “give me” attitude which is true and must be untaught as some of them think it is the white mans responsibility to just hand over. I come from a very wealthy white family and we are not racists, we have very good friends who are “mixed” do not like the term “coloured” who work extremely hard. So unless a person can specify in their article why the BEE is unfair and also remember why it is in place , can then put in a proper argument as many people of colour would take offence. I fully agree with your comment above but as white people, have our parents and grandparents gone through what the people of this country has gone through , no. So I don’t think we should be sulking and bring up the blame game. I think we are blaming everybody else. But I do understand and fully agree with your ANC perspective and the “give me” mentality of most people.

  7. Earth to Stroob, Earth to stroob. Come in Please. Where are you ??? You need to get your head out of your arse. The majority of the population do not give a rats about you or any other white’s for that matter. They also dont’ give a shit about the economy, the mines, the banks, or the land.
    Get vthis into your head and then come up with some solutions.

  8. I read a piece of the article and then skipped to the end……..
    Race articles are so predictable and boring!!!
    Does your site have nothing better to publish, than feeding the propaganda? Come on

    1. How can you make a comment like that when you didn’t even have the respect to read the whole article?

      1. ill show respect when the writer has a valid point and not sounding like every other person stoking the fire.

        So what if you may have been overlooked for a position along the way because God forbid we should be responsible for our own lives and there’s no one to left to blame right?

        you sound well educated, the world, not just South Africa, is always ready for new and exciting businesses, start your own grow some balls and take the closed doors as signs that they weren’t meant for you and your journey.

        Ordinary doesn’t change the world!!!
        this article proves it.

        1. How do you know if i have a valid point if you didnt read it? Im saying im responsible for my own life, and that others should be too. Im stoking a fire, i said im sick and tired of being blamed for things i had nothing to do with. And because all of this is happening in SA i must be happy with it or leave? Wow, never seen such an ordinary comment.

          1. lol “Lets focus on educating the youth, equipping them with skills, stop Julius Malema talking about white people worse than Voldemort about muggles, and actually seeing the good that whites can bring to the country, and then this rainbow nation can finally have a pot of gold at the end of it, that we can all enjoy together.”

            That’s your answer to all this?

            Like Duan said, hows that different from any other article or chit chat?

            I get that you’re frustrated and do get the fact its your blog and you want people to hear you out, but come on dude, you’re adding nothing new except to gain acceptance to other frustrated people looking to vent. which was your intention right?
            And yet again…..(sigh) just another article stoking the fire:)

            1. It was a direct reaction to yesterdays congress. Where the ANC YL officially adopted taking land without compensation as policy. Im reacting to their stance? How is that stoking a fire? Its my blog, my opinion. He Keeps shouting and no one is saying anything besides a few blatantly racist white news24 commentators. Its an overall view that i, for one, havent read. If you have, well then good for you. Im being told being white is a crime. Ive had enough. If you dont want to read it fine, but is that then really worth your time commenting about it?

              1. all i said was, “Does your site have nothing better to publish, than feeding the propaganda?”

                It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that you and so many other bloggers are falling into the Julius plan.

                Why not start a blog, “BAN Julius Malema headlines for a day?”.

                I’d guarantee, you’d get more votes of approval:)

                i look forward to that blog:)

                1. Im trying really hard to stay chilled here, but it was a direct reaction to what happened not 24 hrs ago. thats not feeding propaganda. The largest politial organization’s youth wing adopted one of the most vile and brutal policies and blamed me almost directly for its insistence. Its current affairs, its a personal feeling. Its not an anti julius blog, its a blog about being white and what we have to live with as a consequence. If you want to lump me into a category with everyone else who writes a “julius is bad” article then good for you.

                  Im all for a day, no a month without a malema headline. Unfortunately it was a huge event yesterday. We could have chosen not to cover it. Wouldnt have sparked this debate and a large proportion of our readers wouldnt have known the difference. I really think you couldnt have put your point across worse tho.

                2. It’s interesting that this sort of article is labeled stoking the fire while Julius himself has admitted to being tasked to stoke fires. Singing Kill the Farmer in this country is asking for trouble. Hiding behind metaphorical speech is like saying ‘I didn’t swear, I said “phuck” and it’s not the same word because the bad one is made with an f’.

                  Besides, one could argue this way and that way about whether he was actually referring to murder and whether he was really THAT inflammatory. The fact is however that he’s not bringing people together. It’s a known fact that SA is more polarised than it was a year ago. The country belongs to all who lives in it but somehow this idea of ‘like it or leave’ seems to be the maxim by which they govern.

                  But people are leaving. The brightest guys I know have been offered jobs abroad and they took it running. And it’s funny, they go for the fact that you can do your job without the childish politics of a short sighted ruling party. Some work for the same money. Weird huh? So many innovative minds left and yet they’re still to blame. Whites are blamed when they’re here and when they leave they’re blamed for running. It honestly reminds me of the negotiation tactics that children use on parents.

                  (An interesting phenomenon on the above mentioned is that black people no longer want to compete internationally because they don’t want to leave the shelter of BEE. So the good stock leaves and the lazy stock stays. That by the way is a bad recipe for success)

                  In The last king of Scotland, the unwelcome doctor says it so well when he says they’re so scary because they’re like children. It’s true. That ‘not touching can’t get mad’ game that kids play. A lot of effort goes into proving Julias is not doing the wrong thing because it’s futile arguing that he’s doing the right thing. That’s just too far to even bullshit your way to. Say that he’s not wrong in that particular way and that will do. It’s like the difference between legal but not in the spirit of the law.

                  But it is an African city. Not a global one. The embarrassing interpretations of foreign architecture shooting up around Sandton while the basic infrastructure crumbles. Tribeca, Waldorf and more wit potholes to match. Just to point out what we’re not. There’s not enough money with which to pay the electricity for street lighting but every member of parliament and his dog can have a coal mine and an Aston (pronounced Austin in this town) Martin.

                  This continent (without fail) produces the antithesis of good politics. Plato’s Republic is a reach and an extreme. No country in this world should be there. It’s impossible to establish and probably not a very sustainable system (I guess I’m opening myself up for a bit of a sucker punch) But the ANC, Julius and African countries in general prove that the other end is also not very sustainable. Corruption, theft and handouts has generally been no-no’s. But that’s just me, a white South African, the antagonist speaking. Or you could ask Andrew Mwenda or Chika Onyeani. They’re very black (despite their names and opinions). Maybe you’ll believe them.

                  South Africans (especially the young black ones) remind me of that woman on the beach who wouldn’t believe it when it was over. She won’t abandon the sinking ship. Cinema is littered with them. Too much entitlement and too little responsibility always kill these regimes. And South Africa’s miracle is over. We’re just another country and bad politics and no education will kill it.

                  So Rory, yes “lets focus on educating the youth, equipping them with skills, stop Julius Malema talking about white people worse than Voldemort about muggles, and actually seeing the good that whites can bring to the country, and then this rainbow nation can finally have a pot of gold at the end of it, that we can all enjoy together”.

                  Does that make more sense Rory? If you’ve read this far. Now is there not a sense of brilliance in this whole deal if Rory is no longer reading? He complained about the shortness of the short answer but can’t read the full length of a medium-ish answer. Almost like Magritte’s ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’.

                  Anyway, it’s late and I digress.

                  1. Thank you very much for all your input. I think you “summated” it beautifully and grabbed a good gist of what i was thinking. Your response was well articulated and echoed sentiment that i think is a widely regarded concensus. So thank you!

                  2. Thank you my white brother, we will remain our true colours unless otherwise. The fact that you said my brother, its a fact that if the richest can give the direct to the poor, it will work, we should not allow laziness and corruption to bring us down. {for example if the media can act real and provide proves of all corruptions-even under ground is really deactivated. we can live and our kids lives on a not even a better life but a good golden rainbow.

                    open up and give us the open sources. forget about Julius as he is on high speed, he is fueled with national gas that has produced by apartheid system designed longtime ago. “If you see the meaning of those words that were even banned for fearing reasons but with different meanings… ”
                    you will real really see the rainbow-nation. we will once come together. i mean mixed and loving cultures.

                    Sorry for rubbing a bit. but its true.

  9. Okay firstly i was nice in my response to you and even defended you earlier. So back off.

    Im not concerned about what the majority of the population thinks. What i am concerned is the way the politician’s knee jerk reaction to any blatant instance of corruption or mismanagement is blamed on whites. I could sit here and list several hundred instances where this occurs. By our so called leaders.

    You havent really made any point tho, at all. All youre saying is that people dont care about whites? then why is brought up time and time and time again? Ill take my head out my arse if you take your head out the sand.

    Did you watch the ANCYL conference? did you listen the speakers of Zanu PF youth, Julias, Floyd? They are insighting violence and hatred because they failed to implement a decent system. And they are lying to the masses who are starting to believe that land, banks and mines are their only hope. Im not sure what your issue is but you have failed in putting it across with any sort of eloquence!

  10. just realised youre Rob not Rod, which in this case makes my reply even more pertinent. do you have any point at all? other than random conjecture? Cause I have a million ANC members that trgically defy your comment!

  11. You cite examples of plans certain ANC YL executive members hold as portrayed by the media. These plans, and the ramifications should they gain legitimacy, creates fear for those who think they may be at risk. Here you go wrong, repackaging your misguided fear for an unlikely outcome with your own virulent, over-generalised version of ‘white guilt’.

    Your argument is confused further by this statement, “its hard being a highly educated white male in a contemporary South African social order.” Where is the evidence for this? You acknowledge your quality education, decent living, adequate income, etc. So how has being white, political extremists or BEE had a negative affect on your life, a sizeable affect on your life?

    My question is: do you have any examples from your own life where you have personally been asked to apologise for being white? I think this evidence, if any, should be the support for your opinion.

    If anything this piece demonstrates a prevailing reality. That there exists a small minority of young thinkers who wish to revel in an enviable category, that of well-educated middle class, to the neglect of performing the humble routine of staying informed.

    You are opinionated, but as evidenced by your argument, basing that opinion on a superficial knowledge of politics in this country. The only way ideas can be authentic is when they rely on honesty rather than imitation. That is what poignancy is based upon.

    1. MJ…
      Firstly I think that the jist of the article is that i dont feel guilty, yet am being told i am day in and day out.

      While racial extremists and pseudo-undeducated-intellectuals might sound like theyre spewing ideological vitriol, what they are actually doing is inspiring the sheep-like-masses (please realise i only use that term due to the lack of any other) to enforce laws that wont directly affect me, but our country as a whole. Our economy will plummet, poverty will increase, and as a result crime will rise. Thats how what these leaders are proposing will affect me. Forget the Family i have that bought a farm in the last decade. Why does it have to affect me directly? Can i not be some media-based struggler for what i feel is just and right? Its an opinion piece for flip sake.

      And dont you dare call my knowledge of politics in this country superficial. Besides the various organisations i belong to my political understanding of this country is informed, highly researched and referenced. If theres anything in the article that you think is dishonest, by all means show me. I’ll be eager to correct any wrongs!

      And at the risk of wafting… I was recently denied a promotion. Not due to lack of skills or accomplishment, but because we couldnt have another white promotion before a black guy. I work in an industry where there are two other black candidates for what i do in the world. How is that fair?

      1. I think the gist of my argument is that one cannot deny the dire implications such nationalization would have for economic investment on the national level and for the rights enshrined by the Constitution on a personal level. However, the likelihood of this type of reform being implemented would require the complete degradation of a liberal democracy and the defeat of all its protections. It will take a lot more than the bold provocations of a renegade outpost of the ruling party to pull us back in our democratic evolution.

        Perhaps “superficial political knowledge” was jumping the gun. What I meant was if you truly understood the institutions that hold our democracy together you would not fear these stories so much, choosing rather to wait till words have been tested by actions.

        1. We can only hope MJ, but alas when it comes to this country i have seen weirder things happen. I appreciate your input! Its a topic that needs debate and ike Tiffany says below if this blog helps a few others recognize our political situation who previously wouldnt have given it the time of day, then im content!

      2. I agree with MJ. Your understanding, as represented by your writing, of the social dynamics of SA seems superficial, and repeats similar rather blase rhetoric that can be heard all over the place.

        Being passed over for promotion? Shame. People all over the world are being passed over for promotion all the time, for a variety of just or unjust reasons. You remain employed, your remain relatively wealthy, yet you complain. So what do you want? Shall we just keep things as they are? Shall we keep on longing for a glorious past?

        What have you given up to make this a better place?

        1. My reason was the colour of my skin. It was openly recognized that i deserved it. I didnt put it in the article because it wasnt relevant. It was a response to a question. I dont want to sound petty, and im not sorry it happened. But it was asked and answered.

          And you just ruined your entire argument by implying i long for the past. I wasnt even alive then. Im specifically not mentioning my political affiliations and indeed contributions as that would make the article a political war and thats not what i want, its an ideological one.

          Just because i live in South Africa doesnt mean i cant achieve. And your insistence that i dont complain only heightens my fight for what i believe in. My success should not depend on whether others achieve as well, and at the moment it does.

          1. Many people deserve promotions. Many don’t get them. Many get them that don’t deserve them. Such is life.

            I didn’t say that you long longed for the past. I expressed myself badly (English is not my first language). Your overall message however does support the belief that things were better in the past (when you would have been more likely to to get the promotion).

            But you are achieving. Relatively to the rest of the population, you are probably in the top 2% of wealthy people in the country. (or you are likely to be).

            And, I don’t say don’t complain – in another REPLY I actually say you must complain! I’m saying don’t make everything a race thing – that does not take us forward. Even though YOUR (and others)promotion now was a race thing, it could have been a number of things. I feel I deserve lots of things in life.

            I re-read “My success should not depend on whether others achieve as well, and at the moment it does.” several times, but I don’t get it *confused*

            1. my point was that I was flat out told that unless you have a black man on your level of competence skill and qualification, you cannot be promoted. But like i said, that irrelevant to the article. It was merely a response to a previous question. Pease drop that as a point.

              ANd i have never even hinted at the past being better. What i long for is a society where race is inconsequential. At the moment its the opposite of that.

              1. Agreed. Race is not inconsequential in this country, and there are good reasons for that. Hence the need for redress. Is there a better way for redress that you can propose?

                1. I think AA and BBBEE are good tools but shockingly implemented. Theyve created a few black diamonds without delivering economic prosperity to the majority. There are definately a few alterations but thats another article in itself. Tune in next monday i guess 🙂

  12. I love how Julius is always complaining about “white rule” being so bad, completely ignoring the fact that almost EVERY “black” ruler in Africa is corrupt and is in some kind of national turmoil. Thinking back over the Assholes of History, there are certainly some from every race, not just the white race as Julius makes the ANC sheep believe.

    Oh and @MJ, I am most definitely NEVER going to listen to any economic advice from ANYONE from the ANCYL : Their own LEADER has the worst matric I have ever seen with my own two eyes, and continues to be proud of the fact that he didnt pay attention in school because politics caught his focus instead. Mining and banking are possibly some of out most important areas of economy, so when I hear the ANCYL spouting political nonsense to justify their plans to nationalise I get very worried! When all the economists around the country say it will be dangerous to attempt, the ANCYL ignore the advice to carry on with their own plans.

    I would love to hear what you say is evidence of the authors “superficial knowledge of politics in this country” because it sounds like he got it pretty spot on.

  13. and possibly my favourite ANCism recently – last week on Youth Day when commemorating the struggle fought by youths for the right to the same basic education as everyone else, because of apartheid’s racist laws. But now that the ANC is in power, 17 years of it nogal, education is at some of its worst levels since the ANC took power… Children in poor areas around the country dont even have school buildings or books to learn from, or teachers for some of the year – yet the ANCYL, the representatives of the majority of youth in the country, whose leader publically acknowledges the fact that he completely ignored his education (that Hector Petersen. died to allow) – will now focus all their attention of a scheme to nationalise mines and banks. The only thing that has changed since 1976 is that black people are now in power, and are now screwing over black people.

    But I’m sure Julius just wants to do whats right (for himself and his future). Range Rovers are expensive!

  14. Unfortunately, the article offers nothing new, no new insights, no new plans. (One would also expect that a double-graduate would know how to spell ‘barren’). It repeats the same rhetoric as is produced by Dan Roodt, and Jan and Piet and George and ilk around braaivleis fires and in pubs around the country.

    So let me make this clear. I am not a supporter of Malema, or the ANC, or BEE at all. You need to however firstly understand that there is another picture here – one that millions of impoverished,uneducated, and no chance of improving my future, people see. Look at South Africa from their perspective and propose a solution from their perspective. Secondly, if you don’t think that you have personally benefited from Apartheid even though you were born after its official demise, you are a fool. You still benefited by all the resources that were gained long before your birth, the kind of wealth that made study possible, the kind of ownership laws that made your place of residence possible, and the cultural capital that made you employable and gave you the ability to keep on accumulating wealth. Do you honestly think that a Black child in an under-resourced school in Soweto/rural Venda has in 2011 the same chance of making a decent living as the average White kid has?
    Thirdly, please see Malema for what he is: a clever fool. He is politicking, he is playing the masses who see no hope for the future, he is the elastic that stretches the end of the political continuum so that the rest of us can settle somewhere closer to the middle, where things are more moderate. Fourthly, I do agree that there is much that shows evidence of decline, but for many many their lives have improved in real ways. Give some credit where it is due. Finally, I don’t understand why the very same people, who supported and voted for a system that denied people real world skills, decent education, and the franchise, now complains that the very people that they kept downtrodden for so long, are now fucking it up. Let’s get real here.

    (The personally insulting comments that people make here are unnecessary – don’t attack someone’s character, don’t assume you know what people think or are)

    1. Best comment so far Duan. I dont deny that I am lucky enough to have garnered a good education (besides the “barren” that was picked up this morning but just need to get the mods to change).

      On your first point i dont agree that if youre born impoverished you can never succeed. In the worst doldrums of the cape a girl recently received seven distinctions. Yes its hard, yes it sucks, but that doesnt mean you dont have to work and what im most scared of is the promises that are bellowed from the ANC stalwarts mouths. Im not a politician, i dont have a desire to be, but i still get to air my opinion. Policy makers and people much more suited to the position of leader are supposed to come up with a better solution than “work hard”. Ban SADTWU for a start, use the 20 million rand squandered through corruption and tender irregularities to pay teachers more. ive got 1000 words to encapsulate a lifetime of thought and emotion. You try it!

      Im lucky to have been privileged, but im not apologetic for it. My family has always been outspoken against racial discrimination in any form, but im not sorry theyve lived in south africa for over 200 years.

      MAlema is stretching that continuum too far and people are following, thats my initial point and im not elaborating further.

      Theres the old adage that says every wrong you commit equals ten things you do right. And at this point the ANC is commiting more fouls then goals. I refuse to give credit for things they are and were supposed to do. I know that seems callous, but anyone could have achieved what they have, they just happened to be in power.

      I think your assumptions that a large percentage of white voted “for” the oppressive system, when the contrary holds true.

      The comments that are insulting are not my doing, its a public forum and i feel the issue sparks anger, its my “silent” protest. although i dont condone any form of hate speech, especially that which does not assist the topic at hand!

      1. Yes, of course you can succeed if you grew up in adverse conditions. But you are not likely too. Extreme case argument does not illuminate the real issues, they mask them. So is there injustice now? Yes (but not more than there used to be). So right now it may suck elephant cock to be a white male, as we are passed over for promotion or even employment, but in the greater scheme of things, when this phase is looked at 500 years from now, it will be labelled as the phase of reform, of achieving equilibrium, of paying the price for the sins of the past. I wish we didn’t have to, but we do.

        So I’m not making excuses, I too get the moer in about the incompetence, about Malema, about the corruption. However, as a person I have decided no to be reactionary, there is no future in longing for the past, there is no point in fanning the flames of negativity. As my civil duty I will vote, I will complain, I will agitate and march, but I will not make it a race thing.

        1. Im reacting to the race thing. He started it (god that sounds immature). I dont feel bad for being white, doesnt mean for a second that i have anything what so ever against black people, against the achieving, against anything at all. I even pretense that notion in my intro. But I will not let anyone discredit me for being white. I am proud of being white, that does not make me a racist.

          And on the 500 years thing. I think we’re on the fence. Will they say the same thing about Zim? I doubt it. If our country does go the same route (and im not saying it will) then i think our future retrospective could be different!

          1. But im here, im positive and im staying, make a small change hopefully one day at a time 🙂

            1. That is awesome (that you are staying). I think where we are fundamentally different, is that I’m not proud to be white, I am totally indifferent about it. Juju is a fool, he reasons like a fool, he has foolish goals, he invokes the race thing. Why would I believe a fool who insults me? He can call me what he likes, my EQ and self-image is such that I really don’t care what he thinks.

              Your statement “I am proud of being white, that does not make me a racist” may be contestable.

    2. im part of the youth and i fully agree with you in the fact that given better opportunities in most cases leads to more success however lowering the pass marks to achieve this goal is not helping (in schools and entrance exams). give everyone an equal chance to succeed and in theory we shall all progress equally? im sad to say that this is not the case.. there needs to be a will to succeed and better yourself. if only there were some way of making the youth of today (both black and white) put the past behind them as we never lived through it and most of us dont really care what some white idiot did. agreed, things need to be corrected but u cant go about doing it the way that it is been done, BEE doesnt just effect people applying for a job, it effects everyone. if a black person and a white person from the same class try and apply for university regardless of marks, financial situation etc the black person will get looked at first and the white person loses out and often doesnt get accepted simply because he is the wrong colour. iv been told to my face that i cant get in because im white and that if i was black i could get in. so how is that for inspiring faith and unity into our youth? not everything can be blamed on the past. and lastly if malema was white he would’ve been shot long ago for what he has said.

      just my personal experience, not attacking anyone 🙂

      1. Dear Stephen

        It seems that you are forgetting that the ‘No, this job is not for you because your skin colour’ comes from the past when it was not only about getting a job, but also about where you live, who you may have sex with, where you may sit, whether you may own land, etc. What that odd 100 year history has caused is a situation that was so unfair, so devoid of humanity, and so immoral that we today have a society that requires the measures of redress that are now in place. I am convinced that it is not about revenge. I am further convinced that BEE and AA are applied opportunistically and unfairly by rogues. But I am convinced that extraordinary measures need to be taken to address the inequality in society. Today it is not much different than it used to be, just reversed. It is our bad luck that we live in either of these times.

        Do the best that you can, and know that sacrifices are involved. We need to combat the radical fools like Malema, who will destroy it for all.

  15. I really enjoyed this article and the fact that even those who don’t think its relevant are commenting, means it is important and good to bring up in conversation. For those who don’t know about blogging, it is a means to express one’s opinion. And I think its great to have pieces like this on a site which attracts people who would not normally participate in a conversation like this.

    I’ve never been terribly interested in politics but am realising that it does affect me and my future. I am petrified of JuJu becoming the next president. People say it won’t happen but look at history, the most outrageous leaders can cause mass destruction in a very short time frame. As long as they can mobilise the masses, just as he is doing. The gen pop is uneducated and incapable of making an informed decision about what he says and they eat that shit up with a spoon.

    I think the only way we will ever get positive change is if people stop taking the easy way out, stop blaming, take responsibility for their futures and be active participants in creating change. We need to educate the masses so that every individual can make informed decisions. Lastly, as my mother always says, the world would be a much better place if people treated others the way they want to be treated themselves.

  16. Exchanging one form of racism for another is not the solution. Its about maintaining equality or trying to reach it at least. That’s why I feel education is the key. This way everyone starts off on an equal footing and are knowledgeable enough to take responsibility for their futures. That way those who succeed will deserve it. This is the problem in most countries, most policies seem to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Give everyone a chance and see who takes it.

    And I think or passive stance is the reason for this. Our parents generation, of both races, had an opinion and put great effort into fighting for their rights. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world. I want to, just trying to figure out how.

  17. Come to Australia, where we also have braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies, Holden ( no Chevrolet, sorry) and no debates about corruption and your skin colour!!

  18. Stroobz – I honestly can’t believe you getting so much slack from some people. Well written article. Your opinion was well-expressed.
    But people, its just that, its an opinion. You don’t have to crucify him for having his own opinion, wow.
    This is a time for us to unite. People like julius are tearing this country apart. We don’t need to be a part of that. But the only way we can act as a collective is through understanding and working together and working out our differences in a civilised manner.

    1. Haha, thanks Warren. For the most part, obviously one or two individuals excluded, the critisicm has been constructive. Its all part of a debate as its obvious there will be many different views. I think a large part of this is spurring debate on even more and getting people to discuss these issues in an intellectual manner. But i do welcome your response. Nice to relax and just let someone enjoy your work for a change. havent typed this much in one day for a while 😀

  19. wow this article is soooooooooo white!!! it is an ignorant article written by a “victim”. trying to get you all feeling so sorry for white people when white people have been enslaving and exploiting the other races for hundreds of years!!

    you complain about the situation while in your comfortable surrroundings while others suffer out there. they are the real victims. think about the more educated people from other african states that have had to leave and come here. they are doctors and pilots and now are gardeners and maids. so quite whining

  20. The fact that blogs like this are popular and do well makes my heart bleed. This shit is disgusting. Your writing is supposed to be satirical, but it is absolutely pathetic. This is terribly depressing.

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