Stop getting “Fraped” today!

“I’m really thinking about turning gay and I don’t know how to tell my parents”

– yes, it’s all very funny when your friends manage to unlock your smartphone and update your Facebook status, which you’ve left at the table while popping off to the bathroom, but it does get a little bit old after the 5th time you’ve “really enjoyed this poo” in a FB status update. Frape or Facebook rape really is a terrible thing- people have deleted their accounts and killed themselves (ok admittedly I’m just speculating) because of updates made via their “stolen” mobile phones.

Fret no more- at a recent conference in Japan, mobile manufacturer KDDI revealed that its latest app allows users to unlock their phones via a palm print. The app uses the phone’s existing camera to ‘scan’ the unique palm print. All you need to do is hold out your hand in front of the camera for a few seconds before the phone displays an unlock button. Boom, just like that- you no longer need to worry about Frape…

[CEATEC 2012] KDDI present a new palm authentication app for Smartphones from AkihabaraNews on Vimeo.

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