Stoners Are Returning To The Black Market As Canada Runs Out of Weed

Canada flag with marijuana leaf instead of maple


Just two days after legalising the commercial sale of weed last month,  Canada already starting experiencing a shortage in the product after reassuring everyone that the country would be able to provide more than enough.

In fact, October was not a good month for marijuana stocks in Canada as expected. Over 100 stores that opened when the laws changed have now been forced to close since, without any stock, they can’t serve any customers. It’s clear that commercial sellers simply do not have the stock to keep up with the demand, or even understand their market and its demand at all.

According to reports, the lack of legal weed is now driving buyers back to the black market:

“After a week of 100 apologies, we’ve had to [temporarily] close our store. I’m paying staff members to sit around with fingers crossed that we’ll receive [new stock], we never do. Now that we can’t supply them, they’re still going to find it. There’s no shortage of weed in Labrador City. Just the legal stuff.” – Trevor Tobin, Dispensary Owner

It seems Canada may be following in the same footsteps as Colorado who faced similar delays – when the state legalised weed, Colorado waited three years for supply to match its demand. It looks as though there may be a lot to learn from both Canada and Colorado when taking steps forward as a country to usher in a new era for cannabis and humanity.

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