Stimorol X-Fresh X-Track

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Stimorol have just launched the new X-FRESH, and with that, they have launched a rather epic campaign for music lovers!

The campaign gives consumers a chance to experience music in a way they’ve never seen or heard before with the launch of ‘Stimorol X-Track’. The microsite game will give users the chance to create their own music tracks by building sounds via a dashboard of experiences. Share your experience and stand in line to win weekly prizes, with a grand prize winner selected at the end of the campaign.

Want to bust out a tune in the flesh? You and three friends can make music by chewing at any of the X-Track activations! By combining a host of exciting elements, Stimorol X-FRESH is offering new-found fans the chance to step into custom booths across the country to express the freshness by making music with every chew. The sound is projected outside the booth so spectators can hear what the feeling – it’s amazing! X-Track will be traveling around the country.

To visit the X-Track microsite click here ->


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