STIHL Lumberjack Festival

A crazy mix of curious South Africans will be making up the vibe that
is the STIHL Lumberjack Festival. There’s something for everyone –
from city slickers, country bumpkins, and adrenaline-junkies, through
to students, music-lovers, and parents alike.   Please join us on
Saturday the 14th or Sunday the 15th of April on the beautiful
Lievland Wine Estate. Celebrate the great outdoors and good
old-fashioned lumberjacking fun. This is how weekends were meant to be

What is a Lumberjack Festival?

The STIHL Lumberjack Festival will be a carnival-crazy combination of
an agricultural show, a musical festival, and a family fête – all
centred around Lumber Games and other sporting activities that rope in
children, parents, students, and the working man. Everything from Tree
Climbing and Axe Throwing, to a Giant Tree Swing, Jumping Castle and
epic Water Slide will be on the go – along with great music and comedy
MC’ing providing further entertainment in the background throughout
the day. A dedicated sundowner music session in the evening, when the
Lumber Games have wound down, will feature Jeremy Loops performing on
the Saturday the 14th of April, and the Valiant Swart Band on Sunday
the 15th of April. The event will be hosted by comedian Dave

Event Details:

Join us at Lievland Wine Estate in Stellenbosch for a day of thrills
and spills on either Saturday the 14th or Sunday the 15th of April
2012. Admission is R50. Gates open at 07h00, and awesome activities

08h00 – 11h00: Fun Run (6km/12km) Forming part of the TSIBA EDEN-New
Balance Trail Run Series, the undulating terrain of Lievland Wine
Estate will be tested underfoot by runners and walkers alike. All
proceeds raised go to TSiBA Eden, Sedgefield.

11h00 – 16h00: Lumber Games Show your stuff in events such as the
Stock Saw, Jack & Jill Crosscut Saw, Obstacle Course, Tree Climbing,
Axe Throwing, Log Hurling and the Boom Run. The emphasis is on
physical fun, family participation, and student shenanigans.

16h00 – 20h00: Live Music Wind down the day with your host, comedian
Dave Levinsohn, and a spectacular live music lineup featuring Jeremy
Loops (Saturday 14th) and the Valiant Swart Band (Sunday 15th). This
is how weekends were meant to be spent.

Other fun activities include a Giant Tree Swing, Jumping Castle,
Monster Water Slide, Pedal-boat Racing, Ball Games, Water Sports, Wood
Sculpturing and Tree Planting (in association with Greenpop).

Where and what is Lievland?

Lievland is a rugged, family-run wine farm where almost anything goes.
From major dance parties to folk festivals, and from triathlons to
weddings, Lievland has hosted it all – with great success. It’s
location, just off the N1 near Klapmuts and just outside of
Stellenbosch on the R44, places it perfectly in reach for the greater
farming community as well as the students and locals in the
neighbouring towns.

What’s the vibe of the thing?

The STIHL Lumberjack Festival aims to capitalize on the lighthearted
sentiment that exists around this seemingly bygone ‘lumberjack era’ –
when men were tough, and nature was to be tamed. Because an event of
this nature has never been staged here before, Laugh it Off aims to
set the benchmark for what makes for a good lumberjack festival in
South Africa.



Do you have what it takes to call yourself a lumberjack?
Have you got experience in wielding a chainsaw?
Are you looking to win rad prizes and the respect of your friends?
If so, then we need you to enter the Lumber Games.

Call Jack Lumber on 076 107 5583
or e-mail


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