Starbucks Sessions: Jesse Clegg, The Sextones & Simone Govender

Starbucks Sessions kick off for 2017 with a show featuring Jesse Clegg, The Sextones & Simone Govender


Last year we had quite a bit of fun, popping down to the Starbucks in Rosebank inbetween our super gruelling creative meetings for what was to become a bit of a cult fascination, entitled the Starbucks Sessions. They featured some of the country’s best musicians in a setting where you could get a much needed coffee and wifi fix. We’re happy to report that they’re back with the very first Starbucks Session of the new year taking place on January 22 12pm -3pm with Jesse Clegg,The Sextones and newcomer Simone Govender bringing us some musical goodness.

If you’re in the area, be sure to pop by for what promises to be an awesome afternoon out at Starbucks Rosebank

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