Star Wars Marathon at the Ster Kinekor Auditorium

 Deep down inside most of us lies a geek… a geek that loves to make that zzzwwoooshing sound whenever we hold a fluorescent tube and pretend that we’re a Jedi! – just me then? Ok well whatever.

For all of you fans of Star Wars here’s a rather cool event put together by a passionate and self proclaimed geek. It’s in Jozi, just off Katherine Drive at the Ster Kinekor Auditorium and is an occassion for a bunch of fans to gather and watch Nerdy Stuff- think Indiana Jones, Star Trek and of course Star Wars. It’s a chance to get all Big Bang Theory and just take it back to the 80’s when the most detailed game we had was PONG.

Go on… do it- its super cheap as the tickets are basically just to cover the hiring of the Auditorium! Geeks unite!

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