Stand in the middle of a fireworks display with this suit

Fireworks Display Suit

There is no real value to this suit other than the fact that it proves that its inventor Colin Furze is a little bit bonkers. He decided that it would be really awesome to stand in the middle of fireworks display and have flares and rockets shot into his body, instead of watching them at a safe distance as originally intended, hence the need for a suit that makes him look like a Batman movie character gone wrong.

I feel like there are some people around the World that really need to think of better ways to apply themselves if we have any hope of furthering our evolution as human beings – Colin Furze being one of them. I will give it to him, the video of him trying it out is fairly entertaining to watch, if only because it makes you happy that you’re doing something with your life.

Yay. Stand in the middle of a fireworks display. What a great evening out!

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