Stain be gone!


Recently committed a murder and not too sure how best to get that pesky blood stain out of your shirt? Had bodily fluids spilled on your favourite dress and not sure how best to get that splooge out?

Fret no more, finally scientists have researched something other than monkeys and the University of Illinois’ Stain Solution web site has come up with a fantastic little website to help with all your stain removal needs.

What the site has done is gather scientificially tested remedies for hundreds of common, hard-to-remove stains in one easy-to-search online resource.

This awesome site offers quite a few stain removal solutions including fountain pen ink and for all those aspiring killers, of course they’ve got blood too. The site goes as far as telling you what tools you are going to need and what the best procedure is for removing the troublesome stain and best of all the explanations vary according where the stain is (carpet, shirt, ceiling)

So if you do manage to squirt some soy sauce across the front of your favourite white shirt while tucking into a bit of sushi, pop onto the site and then type in “Sauce” and select soy. Its pretty straightforward from there…

University of Illinois Stain Removal Site

Booom!!! and Robert is your father’s brother…

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