Stacey Norman & Adeline Mocke say hi from Idols

All of you who were watching Idols on Sunday would have been aware of the fact that we had 2 of MyCityByNight‘s favourite mooiness in the entire world on one show- in full high definition colour… YAY!! Yup that’s right… KFM and Highveld’s Stacey Norman had the task of announcing the song chosen by the local public and introducing Adeline Mocke as she started her first cracker of a performance on the top of the judges table… Seriously- all of that mooiness was almost too much for my heart!

Stacey was kind enough to send through a pic of her and Adeline chilling backstage at the Idols jol and I have been told that this one was taken with MyCityByNight in mind… *heart*

Thanks for the love… YOU GIRLS ROCK OUR SOCKS!!!

Pop the super talented Adeline a vote by SMSING 13 to 37400 or calling Mobile 0839010213/Landline 0862277713 and MXIT!!!!! She totally nailed it last night, lets get her closer to the top 2!!!

If you’re keen to listen to some cracking commercial radio with one of the coolest dj’s on air give Stacey a listen every night on KFM 94.5 and Highveld Stereo 94.7 from 10:00-01:00 Weekdays…


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  1. hey adeline i am 14 years old and i am a huge fan you are a great rolemodel to have and i reli would of liked you 2 win and i voted 4 u so many tyms cause i reli wanted u 2 win bt dats fine i reli would lyk to meet u someday.I would rely lyk u to emailme back from roxy

  2. Hey Roxy

    Thank you so much for your message that is so sweet of you 🙂
    Thank you so much for all your support it really means a lot to me and it is a big honour to be a rolemodel to you.
    I am very grateful to have come so far in the idols competition and have learned that life is not always about winning and thanks to all of you that believed in me I made it far.
    I would also love to meet you one day.
    Have a stunning day my friend

    Big hug

    1. Awwww… Adeline, you are the best!!!!!!! 🙂

      Looking forward to Saturdays little party!

    2. hey adeline!

      Omg thank u 4 the lovely email 4m u i totali couldn’t get over the fact that u emailed me back. I didnt aculi think that u would email me back but wen i gt ur email that u sent me i ran down the passage and called my mom nd dad i was lyk mom guess wat adeline from idols emailed me back i jst couldnt get over it i still can’t. U r such a nice rolemodel nd a nice person 2 look up 2 u r so beautiful. I want 2 become a model when i grow up i love modelling and dancing that is my passion. if i could ask u could u maybe send me ur email adrress i would reli lyk 2 email u more dat would be lyk a dream come true. i hope i get 2 meet 1 day. lov u loads

      Roxy ur no1 fan nt jst ur fan ur little friend

    1. hey My little friend so nice of you to reply 🙂
      So happy that I could make your day I would love to send u my email but dont want to send it to you over this mail dont want all the other people to get it. I know you will understand.
      From where are you my friend?

      I just got back from JHB and love to be home again.
      Are you on facebook? if you want you can give me the link to your facebook and Ill add you

      have a stunning day my friend
      And always remember it doesnt matter what people say if you
      have a dream you can do it you just have to believe in yourself and work hard for what you want.
      Know you can do it!!

      Big hug

      1. Hey Adeline!

        Thank u so much again 4 taking tym owt 2 email me back i appreciate it alot nd it means so much 2 me. I do understand its okay. I dnt have facebook im not aloud it reli suks i tried bt gt in alot of trouble when i did. My parents say im 2 young i did aculi see ur wall bt obviously couldnt talk 2 u. Ive got mxit bt i mean i dnt knw if u would have cause u much older nd mature lol. If u do den ill invite u if it is fine. Or lyk u cn jst email me at I live in Cape Town. U r afr hey my moms side of the family is afrikaans. Nd i can speak it nd understand it. im so glad its weekend u mst be glad 2 go home 2 see ur familie nd mom nd dad. Yes it is my dream to become a model or a fashion designer i hve done casts before nd i luv being infront of the camera im nt shy wen it comes 2dat. U r 22 yrs old hey my moms sister is 24 her name is Sanita nd she is also afr she is lyk my big sister u knw. Do u hve a sister or brother? If u hve a singing show cn u tell me cause i would reli lyk 2 come watch u nd meet u? It would be my dream 2 meat u!!


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