STAB Virus & Syncopate join forces for the STAB Virus European Tour

We’re meeting up with our very good friends Siphe & Makonwabe (STAB Virus) in Amsterdam next week Friday as they embark on a epic European journey. 3 countries & 4 cities with 6 shows on the go including the prestigious Awakenings booking alongside fellow countryman Black Coffee. We’ll be following their tour and keeping everyone up to date, so check out MyCityByNight, TENFOLD & STAB Virus pages for more Tour updates & behind the scenes action.

Syncopate, a movement that started at CTEMF a few years back is a music submission platform bridging the gap between South African electronic musicians and their inspirations, has really grown into a life of its own with founder ANG at the reins. Syncopate and STAB Virus have joined forces ahead of their Euro tour to promote the South African sounds to the rest of the world… Here’s what you need to do:

We are feeling overwhelmingly blessed at the opportunity to go on our first European tour and play at such established globally recognized events and venues. We want to use this as an opportunity to help our fellow brothers and sisters and give you the chance to get your productions into the right hands. We have partnered with Syncopate and will be distributing your music to some of the biggest artists in the world that we will be sharing time with on our trip! Send the music you want to share to: with a copy of your bio and contact details and we will be distributing 40 Lexar USB’s to the right people! Submissions close 20th June at 12:00. – STAB VIRUS


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