St Cyprians schoolgirls in tights spot

I know that school can sometimes be utterly ridiculous when it comes to following the rules… For myself and Kreg it just happened to be the training ground where we learnt the art of bending the rules just enough to have a more pleasurable experience and not get into trouble (well, too much trouble, haha).

This is why I was quite miffed when I heard the latest bout of stupidity suffered by a top Cape Town school. You see the future leaders, doctors or sluts of the future over at St. Cyprians Girls school in Oranjezicht have been in a little bit of a tight spot with the school authorities over what uniform they are allowed to wear during learning hours. In previous years the girls were allowed to wear woolen tights to school as a means of keeping their legs warm during the rather chilly winter months until a few weeks ago when the principal Sue Redelinghuys banned them for no apparent reason.

The girls rallied together and took the matter to their SRC and when nothing happened- they decided to do the proper South African thing and take some strike action, with over 89 pupils deciding to wear the outlawed garment in defiance of the silly rule against warm legs on one day. This didn’t work out so well for them and the school proceeded to give them all written warnings that stay on record even when applying for university within the course of this year as “an act of defiance against the school”.

Seriously… What a crock of shit. I think that the principal of St.Cyprians should maybe have a look at the school’s motto of “creating future leaders” and start providing an environment that actually fosters this type of learning.

A stance must be taken on this matter- what school girls wear to school is very important to all those championing human rights and paedophiles alike. Viva freedom of expression VIVA!!!

Ps. Don’t search google images for school girls in tights.

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  1. So typical of so many schools these days…Lets organize a mass toi toi outside the school gates, we can bring posters and everything…i can think of a few imaginative slogans already…

  2. Yes- imagine. Maybe I should get hold of some of the st.cyps girls to find out if they'd like any help with slogans and people to join their strike action! 🙂

  3. Get hold of her Kreg!! Figuratively of course. Could be quite a lag starting a public campaign for them!!!

  4. Take a look at the link above Ricky, I have sent this link onto the lovely little lady, will see what she has to say! Darth has dropped some interesting information above, check it out!

  5. As a matric at St Cyprians School i can personally say that this issue has been taken way to far.

    Out of 300 girls, only 89 wore woolen tights. These numbers say it all.

    The wollen tights are for the prep school as they do not have the option of wearing pants- and we do. My friends who are fighting this cause say that: "We weren't being heard and we wanted to change that. Its not petty, its the principal of the situation."

    Lets just say the anarchy sign has been painted on the walls of St Cyprians School.

  6. Thanks so much for giving us a bit of insight Chelsea. I think that people should fight for the freedom of expression as long as its in appropriate channels. Really though- its such a petty thing for a school to get their knickers in a knot over! We did way worse things as matrics back in our day!!! If you do need any help- give us a shout, we'll rock it! MCBN loves causes- especially those belonging to school girls. Aargh. That sounded terrible

  7. personally i think its good that the school has had a zero tolerance approach here! you have to keep bitches in their place from the beginning, the last thing CPT needs is more pretentious females, who think the world owes them a favour 🙂

  8. @kreg im also all for anarchy and was part of my fair share of anti establishment striking back in the school days, i just think that these chicks are being as petty as the school is being and are simply looking for some attention!

    this should not be how our 'future leaders' act!

    at the same time, its is BS how full of Sh%t staff can be, why have a SRC if you not gonna listen to them? and the punishment does seem a little extreme over what seems a ridiculous issue.

    Seems to me like people at St Cyprians are a little bored!

    p.s i hope u not calling me pooki?

  9. hahahaaha, nope not calling you Pooki, you seen Harold and Kumar go to white Castle… little line from that movie:)

    I don't understand why they an SRC either, I remember at my school, the SCR had quite a big say, if I remember correctly that is! Not that I was allowed near any student representative forums of any sort at school, I was the ANARCHY! hahahaha

  10. @haha "the last thing CPT needs is more pretentious females"

    I think the student should get their way, but uniform is uniform, at pretoria girls high the have underwear check, (future profession kreg?) So I think 'st cyps' is right in issuing a written warning in the old days they would just beaten the students…

    Btw without the leg warmers I rate the girls would have more toned and defined legs, look at shivering as a full body toning session (powerplate) 🙂

  11. I might add,I was at the school today.I can see the reason why the tights are banned,for the simple reason the ladders,holes and tears say it all.Rules are rules they need to be adhered to,your comments on future leaders ,sluts is appalling.

    1. I just think that the kids do have the right to be involved in decisions regarding what they have to wear everyday- especially when its something that keeps their cookie warm. Imagine somebody telling you that you wereent allowed to wear undies? That would suck and be cold.

      Just my view…

      Ps: May I ask what you went to the school to do? It certainly wasnt to teach english "sluts is appalling" 😉

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