Sriracha Just Changed The Cooking Game With These “Seasoning Stix”

Sriracha Just Changed The Cooking Game With These "Seasoning Stix"


Sriracha sauce is probably the best condiment out there and ever since it was released has been a firm staple at MCBN HQ. To completely change the cooking game the makers behind it have released Sriracha Stix, a brand new alternative to traditional marinades rubs and seasonings. Apparently you just rub your Stix all over your meat, poultry or fish and voila you have super seasoned goodness.


By all accounts the Stix work better than most of your traditional rubs and come in four different flavours: Classic, Teriyaki, Garlic Butter and Blend X. What’s even better? You can grab your own advance pack of the seasoning Stix by heading over to the microsite over here.

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