Springleap & Raizcorp’s I am an Entrepreneur T-Shirt Design Competition


Everyone knows that MyCityByNight are huge fans of Springleap and the work they do for local designers and online clothing sales (you should see our collection of tees!). So we were pretty stoked when we found out about their brand new design competition which was totally inspired by the likes of the entrepreneur!

Raizcorp and Springleap.com have joined forces to launch the first ever Entrepreneur inspired t-shirt design competition.

The competition is entitled ‘I am an entrepreneur’ and get this- apart from the huge honour of thousands of peeps wearing your design across their chests the winner of this competition will receive R10 000 (US$1250) in cash, an inspiration pack, and worldwide exposure. Ahem- designers are you ready?

The CEO and founder of Raizcorp Allon Raiz had this to say about the competition:

“Entrepreneurship is not just about business. It’s about the birthing of an idea, the tension between fear and hope, and the ability to live in the space between what could be and what is.”

and local legend and Co-founder of Springleap.com, Eran Eyal added this little bit of inspiration:

“Delving into the depths of entrepreneurship is not at all unlike that of the artistic creative process. It is difficult to assess success in the trenches, troughs and spikes – it is only the passage of time that allows us to observe the passage in perspective… to see whence the steel of skill and the sea of creative talent meet.”

The idea behind the competition is to discover exactly what entrepreneurship means to different people in different cultures and locations, via the medium of artistic and graphic expression.

‘I am an entrepreneur’ is open for submissions until December 8, 2010. The Springleap.com community will vote on all submissions and the winner will be announced after the month-long voting period.

To enter ‘I am an Entrepreneur’ register on http://www.springleap.com/ and read the brief ‘I am an Entrepreneur’

Here are the rules:

1. NO specific theme, only regular guidelines apply! You know the drill NO OBSCENITY, NO HATE SPEECH, ONLY ORIGINAL WORKS …all that jazz.
2. You can submit up to 5 designs so go wild! The more designs you submit the greater chances you have of winning!
3. Winners will now be chosen using votes as an indicator. The top 10 voted designs will get the golden stamp of approval and go in for review. The final verdict will come down to our esteemed design panel here at Springleap in conjunction with Raizcorp.
4. Standard Springleap terms and conditions apply over and above
5. Raizcorp and Springleap reserve the rights to request the high-resolution artwork of any entry submitted into the “I am an Entrepreneur” competition for non-commercial benefit such as an even media covering the process – but do not own the rights to any of the designs except the winner and thus may not print these runner-up designs for commercial resale unless by consent and arrangement in writing with the designer concerned.

Dates to diarise:

Submissions for designs open: 08 November 2010
Submissions for designs close: 08 December 2010
Voting starts: 10 December 2011
Voting ends: 10 January 2011
Winner is announced: 18 January 2011

In order to get started on your designs download the Springleap t-shirt Submission Kit and get started right away!

Off you go! 🙂

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