Springleap launches new site- its yummy



Locally born online store and design-hub – Springleap.com has just undergone a fairly major overhaul to come up with a new edgy and super sleek site (much like us over here at MyCityByNight). The MCBN crew have always been fairly big supporters of the ethos behind Springleap and what they do for local design. They’re all about empowering designers and creating exposure for them through Springleap’s t-shirt design competitions that take place every two weeks.  

Onto more about their new yummy site… First off it’s fairly apparent that the site has grown up in terms of its digital footprint and market focus (with the addition of advertising space for industry partners etc). The site is also far more user-friendly and has a good feel when browsing- the corner stone of any interactive website.

One feature that I quite liked was the ‘I’m on Springleap’ box on the homepage, which randomly displays the profile of a previous winner. This pretty much gives winning designers greater exposure, being featured on the site from now until… well eternity. Apparently this is only the beginning, with much more interactivity with their online community being worked into later phases of the redesign.

We really love what these guys do for local business… they combine creativity, ambition and love while at work… Really what we all aim to do.

If you haven’t already checked out the new site pop over to Springleap now and have a look at what these boys and girls are doing! They are the ONLY online t-shirt retailer of their kind in South Africa and all of the tee designs are done by the likes of US and YOU!


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