Spotlight Interview | Dogstarr


Spotlight, at its core, gets excited about offering local electronic music scene contributors a platform to express themselves. It starts with an intrigue to understand what makes them who they are today and ends in the answer that is just that. It really is a blank canvas and an opportunity for them to take us on an escapade highlighting the musical journey that finds them where they are today.

On Saturday, 18 June, we welcome Dogstarr to Spotlight family and we can’t wait to see what he has in store! Dogstarr’s involvement in the South African dance music landscape is hard to ignore. As part of Digital Rockit he’s played stages at most major music festivals in South Africa including Rocking the Daisies, Oppikoppi, CTEMF, Mielie Pop and Griet Fest. As Creative Director and co-founder of TOYTOY and half- owner of & Club, he’s run with the biggest dogs of industry and booked top international talent to grace local dj booths. Along with his partner, Fabio, Ryan has been responsible for underground dance music events such as the Brickfields Festival and Who Needs Sleep Tonight, an event that lead to the birth of TOYTOY.

1. Tell us about one of your most memorable journey sets to date, where was it, how many hours, why could you not stop?
Every year at Rustlers Valley, myself Graeme and Fabio used to play 6 hours sunrise sets. Those were always very memorable, or not. These days those kinds of sets are so far and few between, if they ever happen. Recently Graeme and I played 8 hours after Stacy Pullen at AND’s second birthday, G and I can never stop when we get going!

2. As a qualified vet of the local scene, how do the partygoers and dancefloors of Joburg and Cape Town differ or compare?
I think I would be quite biased in my response to this question, but then again I see far more JHB dance floors than CT over say, a year. Festival dancefloors in CT are the best and outdo Johannesburg. But city deep, week in, week out clubbing floors; Johannesburg wins hands down.
3. When the going gets weird, the weird go pro – what’s the weirdest track you’ve ever dropped on an unsuspecting dance floor?
Can you ask me this question after Spotlight? I think this guy Diamantenrauber – Hitch Hiker might be the weirdest.
4. Every now and then you have to rescue a dancefloor (possibly from aforementioned weird track) – what’s your go-to track to turn it around – If you want to…?
Ummm yeah there is no coming back from the guy mentioned above.
5. The night is yours and the crowd is willing – how do you prepare for that elusive 5 hour set and what can we look forward to on the night?
I prepare by going thru a lot of music, sometimes right back a few years… also listening to old recordings and picking out the forgotten gems and placing where I can find them easily while playing…I think I may go with the approach of party music, peppered with some more party music and drizzle of balsamic party music.

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