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SPOTLIGHT Exclusives is dedicated to the extended set journey. One dj, one 5-hour marathon music showcase.

Spotlight came to life on 4 August 2012, with Joburg’s deep house aficionado Phat Jack as the first featured pioneering artist. The venue was Chukkachurri, a venerable dance den in Green Point, whose cosy and intimate atmosphere made it the perfect room to begin these considered music forays into the sounds behind South Africa’s most loved electronic dj’s.

Although sporadic in occurence, these events have warmed the ankles of seasoned local dancers who appreciate each artist’s journey, and indulge the sonic catalogue as it plays on the night.

December 3rd marks our 10th event and we are thrilled to shine a light on the musical talents of Lady M. Her place in the electronic scene has long been established and her evolution from dj to promoter to producer and label owner, is nothing short of incredible, in these times when it’s easier to download and press play on someone else’s track.

Margaret (Lady M) plays a strong and unique electronic sound, continuously earning herself recognition as the country’s original and leading lady in the local deep house and techno scene. She began playing on vinyl in her late teens, hosting residencies at various cocktail bars before making her mark on the nightclub and festival circuit.

Throwing out deeply driving, percussive and melodic house and techno, she experiments and transitions smoothly within her sub-genres and blends the feminine with the masculine in her sets. The result is an explosive journey for both body and mind, with quality delivery being her utmost focus.

We can’t wait to hear what she does under the lure of the Spotlight, upstairs in Era’s GrooveBar. Wear comfy shoes and bring your best moves! Ladies free before 11pm/R100 at the door.


SPOTLIGHT shines a light on the story of each of it’s artists. Each event gives the artist the opportunity to take you on a journey of what makes them who they are, musically. In the form of an exclusive, all-night set, each Spotlight artist will take you through the sonic elements and genre’s that have shaped them. In addition, they select their own supporting act, someone they feel is suited to compliment what they have planned on their night. With the emphasis on the DJ, Spotlight aims to offer the punter an authentic experience, one stemming from a place any music enthusiast knows well: a place where good nights out are shaped by meandering journeys through beat-mapped jungles and top-end peaks.

Previous SPOTLIGHT Artists:

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◉ Peter Abrahams
◉ Erefaan Pearce
◉ Bruno Morphet
◉ Richard Marshall
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◉ Ivan Turanjanin
◉ Ryan Dogstarr



1. Has the exploration into your archive of music been a journey of self discovery?

Yes it definitely has. Its been interesting going through the different records and listening back to what I was originally influenced by. Looking back now my early deep house sound was influenced by a lot of San Francisco house and UK house from the late 90’s onwards. I loved the organic chords and warm bass sounds (and still do). Its also been fun to take on this third person perspective of my musical development and see where new and old tastes have now combined themselves into the sound I play today.

2. What special memories have popped out at you in between the soundscape of your life?

Wow there’s so many!! My first introduction into it all was due to my older half brother Paul, when I was very young he would come to us in the school holidays with a bunch of cassette tapes labelled ‘techno’ and of course the Prodigy. I thought this music was all so crazy and I was intrigued. Another memory strong in my mind was when I used to catch a train from school in Wynberg and go hang out at Peter Abrahams house in Obs in the afternoons to learn how to mix vinyls. We also used to go record shopping at DJ Syndicate and some other stores and I was totally fascinated with every single party flyer or poster I saw, thinking it was the coolest thing to have your name printed on them. There are so many random memories from nights out on the town in the early days..from groove bars to underground deep house parties to hard house clubs when I first moved to Cape Town when I was 16. Memories of Sapphire in Camps Bay from a few years ago have also popped up quite a lot and I realise so vividly now what a platform it provided within my musical journey.
3. We want the scoop of one of your best sets in Berlin – where, who was there, how long did you keep them in the sweet spot?

My most recent trip to Berlin this year in July and August sparked a very special set for me. I got to play at Sisyphos in the Wintergarten on a Sunday for 4 hours from 5pm to 9pm. This is kind of peak time for Berlin and no matter how much research one does or music they prep you can never quite get over that feeling of being totally pushed out of your comfort zone. I lost the floor for a bit in the beginning as I played a little too deep and slow to start. I played after David Delgado (Highgrade) who had the place going crazy with fast tempo thumping energetic house. After about 45 minutes I got the floor going again and settled in nicely for the 4 hours with a strong ending. It was elating. I had some SA friends there and some German friends there so it was great to have the support.

4. What is your favourite throwback track – the one that takes you right back to where your love for music began?

One of the first tracks I heard and mixed on vinyl was Silicone Soul – The Answer (Miguel Migs Naked Vocal Remix). I just remember at the time that I thought it was the most beautiful track I had ever heard and it sparked my love for deep house.
5. The night is yours and the people want to dance – how do you prepare for that elusive 5 hour set and what can we look forward to on the night?

Im definitely going to bring out some of the old favourites and just venture through the sounds I love and feel are a good representation of my musical journey over the past number of years. Ive been going back into my old music folders to listen through everything again and Ive put about 500 ‘special tracks’ aside haha. Its quite a lengthy process! Thing is you can prepare as much as you want but when you are playing a long set you got to kind of just settle into it and go with it track for track, feeling for feeling. I guess overall it will be a concoction of my favourite tracks to play from the last 14 years. I want to keep it fun and energetic. I will be playing on the upstairs floor at Era so it will be intimate and Im sure it will get sweaty 🙂 Im hoping to get some of my old vinyls out, I do have most of them on digital format now but I think it will add some good flavour to include the wax. Ive got some releases of my own I will probably play and some unreleased tracks of my own Im going to test out. Lets see what happens. I just know I’m excited!!!


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Winners announced on Friday at 5pm.

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