SPOTLIGHT Exclusives Present a Night with Dogstarr


SPOTLIGHT Exclusives is dedicated to the extended set journey. One dj, one 5-hour marathon music showcase.

On the 18th June 2016, SPOTLIGHT returns, making its debut in the ERA Groove Bar. We’re incredibly excited to welcome Dogstarr into the fold of luminious music connoisseurs who have touched the local music scene in an unmistakably authentic way. We have this group of people, largely, to thank for the state of the current electronic music scene in this country.

Dogstarr’s involvement in the South African dance music landscape is hard to ignore. As part of Digital Rockit he’s played stages at most major music festivals in South Africa including Rocking the Daisies, Oppikoppi, CTEMF, Mielie Pop and Griet Fest. As Creative Director and co-founder of TOYTOY and half- owner of & Club, he’s run with the biggest dogs of industry and booked top international talent to grace local dj booths. Along with his partner, Fabio, Ryan has been responsible for underground dance music events such as the Brickfields Festival and Who Needs Sleep Tonight, an event that lead to the birth of TOYTOY.

Dogstarr’s is a wildcard. A loose cannon. A prankster. The guy who’ll watch in silence as you mistakenly smother your eggs in Habanero sauce, and only tell you after your first bite. He’s there to keep things interesting. And the same could be said for his music. With him it’s kind of hard to pin down a musical style, because he’s as comfortable playing low slung disco as he is flat out four to the floor techno. He calls it “fucked-up party music”. We say that whatever it is, it’s guaranteed to put you into orbit.

SPOTLIGHT brings him to the mountain to take a extended dip into his 20 year career. Dogstarr has selected long-standing friend, former-manager and lover of all things with a beat, PJ Eales, to set the tone for his SPOTLIGHT journey on the night.


SPOTLIGHT shines a light on the story of each of it’s artists. Each event gives the artist the opportunity to take you on a journey of what makes them who they are, musically. In the form of an exclusive, all-night set, each Spotlight artist will take you through the sonic elements and genre’s that have shaped them. In addition, they select their own supporting act, someone they feel is suited to compliment what they have planned on their night. With the emphasis on the DJ, Spotlight aims to offer the punter an authentic experience, one stemming from a place any music enthusiast knows well: a place where good nights out are shaped by meandering journeys through beat-mapped jungles and top-end peaks.

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