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At MyCityByNight we consider ourselves to be fairly connected to the pulse of urban culture and the latest in whats viewed by the masses as being cool- hell we even invented our own word to describe our personal style- RETROFRESH. For this reason when we come across people or places that are worthwhile bearers of the urban culture alumni flame we have to big them up and give their efforts a special mention.

Over the past couple of months MyCityByNight has had the opportunity to work alongside local sneakerkings and national retailers Sportscene with the STR.CRD event, which was sponsored in part by them. It was pretty much on the night when we were invited to come check out some of the season’s hottest gear along with meet and interview shoe customiser Alex Nash (who is now a mate of the MCBN crew) that we realised that they were a little bit more than the regular mass retailer that we’ve become used to in SA. Surrounded by the freshest dressed media and sneaker collectors we sensed that Sportscene, like us, had a rather intense connection to urban culture.

You see when faced with an opportunity to peruse the aisles and racks we noticed that apart from the brands essential to urban culture like Converse, Ed Hardy, Puma and our personal favourites over here at MCBN– adidas Originals, they also stocked items that one often overlooks as key in forming the basic kit for surviving life in the city while looking effortlessly cool. Always keen to keep our outfits fresh, we were fairly over the moon when we saw that they also sold laces in the most ridonculously awesome colours seen since the advent of neon lights in the seedy years following the discovery fluorescent lights and penicillin.

Apart from the work that they’ve been doing in stores we checked the Sportscene peeps Justine and Warren do an appearance on Vuzu Channel 123 TV’s Cream Cartel (ps we think we’d make better content for a reality show, guys come chat to us) giving those tosser- ehm ok let me be nicer- interesting kids a chance to get their kinda cool designs out there on graphic tees. Once you’re on tv you’re an authority- unless you are Noeleen.

We just want to say… we see what you guys are doing… it’s companies and websites (yes we are giving you advice) that realise that a presence in as many media forms outside of social media will ensure that the largest amount of potential customers or in the case of online- eventual subscribers and viewers are reached. Tap directly into your market and allow them to influence what service or product is being offered (within reason of course) and I can almost guarantee that whatever entity that you are involved in, will in time flourish.

Hey and its clearly working. Next time we need some kit we’ll definately go to Sportscene first…


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  1. SPORTSCENE is the heat to my mates and I especially after that STR CRD event! Man we need more brands in SA (that arent Adidas, Pum or Nike) to get involved with the people in SA that aren’t rugger or cricket orientated! there is more to sports brands!
    Loving the SPORTSCENE and dont get my kicks anywhere else, they ahve the sickest collecting!

    1. @maximus- I certainly hope they do bring STR.CRD back again next year and maybe add a joburg day to the mix as well! that event rocked…

  2. I honestly never thought much of Sportscene as a streetwear/streetstyle shop. It was always more sports orientated. I am lank stoked that they are now pushing the street wear and the street events. Str.Crd for me was a great eye opener at what SA and Cape Town has to offer.

    Sportscene keep up the good work and we look forward to some more crazy sick mad events in the future… 🙂

  3. I kind of have to agree with you guys! I didnt really know that they stocked all of that cool shit until i stumbled inside… Do you guys know when those Cream Cartel shirts are gonna be in store? They are kinda weird peeps but I like their styles- theyre unique and always fresh 🙂

    1. @Fresh Flava- Ooh good question. We’ve passed your query onto the Sportscene Brand Manager (cos thats we role) and hopefully we’ll have an answer for you soon soon! 🙂

  4. This store makes me happy. On the inside. I literally just stand at stare at the sneakers. Occasionally I stroke them. Happy place 🙂

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