Sport24 reinvents itself

Here at MyCityByNight we love sport… a love that runs so deep, that we may tear your hand off should you try and change the channel to the E-network while we’re watching the footy. Sport24 has always been somewhere that we could go to get the latest news across the board, but now they’ve made it that much more appealing with a change in that makes use of the phenomena on which our jobs at MCBN are based- social media.

What they’ve done is incorporate far more public opinion on the site, where we all get to vote on our favourite players in a particular match as well as try and predict the line-ups for upcoming matches, amongst the other reader submissions of weird sports etc. What really got me interested in the site is the new video section that they’ve incorporated, which basically acts as a highlights package for the entire weekend, come Monday when you’ve got free internet at work again… yes- no longer will you be left feeling confused about who played better in the Currie Cup come the lunch time canteen chat. The video section also incorporates a less serious look at sport, highlighting some of the more ridiculous happenings in the world of active people like the following video of Sergio Ramos dropping the Copa del Rey under the team bus just after Real Madrid beat Barcelona in the first of a whole bunch of El Classico matches- priceless.

I spent at least 30 minutes browsing the site and taking in its awesomeness… If you’re a sport nut like we all are, go and check it out…

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