Spoon Sports HQ now available in LEGO form


All who know me are well aware of the fact I am a huge car nut and die hard supporter of Honda and the work they have done in the world of car creation.

As with Mercedes and their AMG performance division or BMW’s M division- Honda also has its own group of highly skilled technicians that take standard cars and turn them into things of beauty under the Spoon Sports banner.

The Spoon Headquarters in Japan is so well known across the car community that LEGO have now decided to recreate the entire building in multi-coloured little blocks. To some of you this may be as exciting as watching paint dry but to me this is the best thing since sliced bread- I mean they have combined two of my favourite things- cars and lego.

Go Honda!!! 🙂

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  1. So is this sort of for all the folk who can’t afford the real deal??? And BTW spoon is not like AMG is to Honda (AMG also tuned Hondas) I do believe there is a Mugen sports division which is an actual subsidiary to the Honda group… Spoon is like your AC schnitzer, or what RUF is…

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