#SpiltMilk2019 Song of the Day | Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani & Green Velvet — Data Point

Layton Giordani Illustration by Luke Stroebel


LAYTON GIORDANI: The young prodigy has become an imprint on the Techno industry as we know it. His big break was with his collaborative release “Careless Suggestions” on Phobiq in 2014. He was later signed to Drumcode where he released his full LP “Where it Begins” in 2017 under the mentorship and tutelage of Adam Beyer himself.

Toward the end of 2018, he released a collaborative EP “Space Date” together with Adam Beyer and Green Velvet. Layton Giordani is a prolific producer who consistently delivers massive releases.

Layton has performed on some of the biggest festival stages around the world and the 2019 European summer season will be no different. He will arrive in Cape Town for SpiltMilk 2019 fresh from his performance at Drumcode festival in August.

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Imagine a world with no gravity, you and me in another galaxy, floatin around in ecstasy, treat me like your fantasy ?

Posted by Layton Giordani on Wednesday, 26 June 2019

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