SpiltMilk Mix of the Day | Dave Irish Live @ SpiltMilk 2018

Cape Town Festival season is officially underway as we kick off things off this weekend with Toybox followed by SpiltMilk 2019 on the 31st of August in a brand new location 5 minutes from Cape Town’s city centre.

The team at Streamlab captured the day at SpiltMilk 2018 by recording all of the artist’s sets. One of the stand out sets on the day for us was Cape Town DJ, Dave Irish. Commonly found dropping tunes at a slower speed, he’s been known to throw down a deeper and techier sound and we were lucky enough to catch this at SpiltMilk‘s 3rd birthday

As the day faded into night Dave Irish set the tone in the Dome with some very sinister chords. Experience moments like this and many more at SpiltMilk 2019!

Dave Irish – Social Media:

SpiltMilk 2019 tickets: Bit.ly/MyCityByNight

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Evan Maclachlan – Streamlab
Antonio Del Rossi – Streamlab
Dean Kingsley Barnes – Funktion Koncepts
Preston Chambers – Funktion Koncepts
Thane Wyngaard – Funktion Koncepts
Francois Archer (Camera Operator)
Bradley Jon Eaglefeather (Camera Operator & Social Media)
Chad Lawrence (Graphics)
Funktion Koncepts:
Official website: https://streamlab.co.za/ 
Official website: www.spiltmilktechno.com 

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