SpiltMilk Interview | International Headlining Act – Kevin De Vries


  1. 2018 has been a big year for you, with your release on Tale of Us’ Realm of Consciousness Pt.III compilation and booking at Afterlife in Ibiza. How has the release changed the trajectory of your career?

I’m very thankful for Matteo & Carm’s support. I got in touch with them 1 year ago and since then they have been supporting me and my music. With the Release on their label and the debut for them on Ibiza, they took me to another level. There are exciting things to come which I can’t announce right now.

  1. What does your sound bring to the Afterlife imprint and what makes you a good fit for the label?

I try to bring new elements with my productions and explore new ways of explaining myself with sounds. The results are mostly fitting into their sets even if the sound is slightly different than usual but this brings a touch of excitement.

  1. Adam Beyer and Drumcode have been major influences for you. How did that relationship come about?

Adam signed one of my tracks 2 years ago when I was literally nobody. This helped me and my career a lot and I will be forever grateful for his support. We have been in touch since that and I like to hang out with the Drumcode-Crew a lot as we did last week on Ibiza when they had their Showcase at Privilege. It turned out to be an amazing group of friends for me over the last years.

  1. Your rave/trance-inspired sound has become a go-to for many of the world’s best DJs. Which early-rave songs or artists influenced you the most?

R&S Records and Bonzai for sure.

  1. As a young DJ and producer who has emerged on the scene relatively quickly, what is it like playing alongside big names and veterans of electronic music?

It still feels like a dream. Last week I played my first big show on Ibiza alongside Tale Of Us & Mind Against and I was nervous the whole week before. Its surreal for me.

  1. You’ve played alongside and made music with Weska. How did the collaboration come about and why do you think it works?

He got in touch with me 2015 after Adam played one of my Tracks. We started to share music and I’ve been a fan of his drums from the first track. So one day, when he still lived in Canada, we started to work on a track which is “Cataract“ and got released by ODD. He will be also featured on my upcoming EP on Cocoon Recordings with a track we produced together last year. It worked well as we completed each other very well.

  1. The last two years have seen you play at some of the world’s best clubs. Which one has been your favourite and why?

That’s a hard one. One of my favs were definitely Sisyphos (Berlin), Fabric (London) and recently Hi Ibiza (Ibiza).

  1. Techno has become more popular than ever, with top-class techno festivals sprouting up all over the world. What do you foresee for the future of techno? And do you think all the attention on the genre is good or bad? (In reference to the rise and fall of EDM)

I’m happy that Techno as a genre is growing that well. We have festivals all over the world and partys happening every night which makes space for new and coming artistsas welll. As long as we never forget that its about the Music and not about the Money, I think everything is fine.

  1. You’re playing at Spiltmilk in Cape Town in September. How are you feeling about coming to SA and what have you heard about the scene in the country?

I’ve been to SA already twice (2009/2010) and fell in love with it from the very first second I got there! Back then I was only 16 so I wasn’t able to experience the nightlife scene as much as I would have liked to but I am pretty excited to find out how it is in a few weeks! I am really excited for the SpiltMilk festival and to play for them for the first time!

  1. Which artists should we keep our eye on this year?

Ilijia Djiokovic

  1. Tell us something people don’t know about you.

I’m scared of heights!

MCBN: Thank you for you time, see you at #SpiltMilk2018

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