Spilt Milk Opening Slot Competition Winner: DARK LIGHT [LISTEN]

Dark Light Spilt Milk winner

Spilt Milk Opening Slot Competition Winner: DARK LIGHT


Feelings and emotions play a huge role in an artist’s characteristic such as being melancholy and being in a state of pure happiness. Adding these into music can bring a sense of uniqueness and individuality.

“I’ve bottled up myself for a while, not knowing when and how to express myself but I feel the time has come whereby I include my emotions in my records.”

Dark Light, real name Zola Kenneth Dolo started his musical career at the age of 10 playing the drums, recorder, clarinet and piano as a hobby. Not knowing that a few years from then Dark Light has found himself in the Electronic world of music. Aged 20, Dark Light began producing electronic music, influenced by his friends in Cape Town.

With this being the next step in his life, Dark Light began playing at local entertainment spots around Cape Town and soon landed up enrolling himself to study Audio Engineering at ‘Cape Audio College’. “I lost the passion of making music and expanding myself as an artist due to disappointments and some failures that impacted me greatly.” Nevertheless, Dark Light regained his spark one night at a Techno nightclub saw the crowd’s emotions and immediately got his spark back.

Also amongst everything Kenny Dolo has his own radio show called the Black Shed and a residency DJ spot as Dark Light at a monthly event called Amnezia

Dark Light’s productions are filled with his own feel and take on how he perceives music. From Deep House, Tech House to Techno, Dark Light incorporates his surroundings in his music with his field recorder ever ready to be used. Working on his new debut EP in 2016 will surely be a highlight that will live in our minds for a very long time. Dark Light performs around Cape Town at nightclubs and has festivals in short sight amongst all of his goals

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darklightvision



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