Remote workers can now spend a year on the island of Bermuda for R4300

Photo by Reilly Durfy on Unsplash

Bermuda is the latest island nation to offer an innovative remote-work and study programme aimed at bringing economic activity back to the island and restarting its tourism industry.

If Bermuda’s pink sand beaches sound like the perfect work-from-home destination to you, then you’ll be excited to know that the government have announced a new residency programme that will allow remote workers and students to spend a year on the island.

Starting from next month, eligible individuals can apply for the visa which will cost roughly R4 300. But in order to qualify, you must be older than 18, have health insurance, supply proof of employment or enrolment in an educational program, plus proof of a sufficient or continuous source of income.

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Applications are due to open on the government’s website on August 1 2020, and the government has promised that processing will be swift. Bermuda has also extended its tourist visa from the typical 90 days to 180 days.

Georgia and Barbados also launched their own remote work programs. Georgia announced a new visa program targeted at self-employed, remote workers interested in living in the country for six months or longer, while Barbados introduced a “12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp” that will allow visitors to work and live in the country for up to a year.

Visit the official Bermuda government website for more information and to apply for the visa. Read more travel-related news, right here.

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