SPECTRUM & REBOOT Are bringing the roof down in Cape Town this winter with a mind blowing indoor outdoor vibe in the city.

Join them for their celebration of Life and Love of psychedelic trance in South Africa. 

♥ ♩♪♬ LINE UP ♬♪♩♥

●♤♧• 》16:00 – 18;00 PSYDE SHOW


●♤♧• 》19:00 – 20 :00 DAN SCOT (THE COLLECTIVE)



○•☆○ 》23:00 – 00:00 VERAX

☆●☆ 》00:00 – 01:00 D-ADDICTION(LIVE)(NANO REC)

●♤♧• 》01:00 – 02:00 EMP (LIVE) (ALIEN SAFARI)


☆●□■●☆ 》02:00 – 03:00 MAD SCIENCE(LIVE)(EMP & RUBIX QUBE)

☆●□■●☆ 》03:00 – 04:00 HIYARANT (LIVE)


Jan started off playing with loops and samples on ‘Acid Pro’ in his parents basement when he was only 15. It was always more of a hobby than anything, but in late 2006 when he moved to Fremantle in Western Australia to study a film degree, he met Neil Dumais (now known as Pitch Drop). Neil and Jan formed ‘Ctrl D’, a rather successful psychedelic duo frequenting the underground ‘Doof’ scene of Western Australia. They became more famous amongst the locals for playing dark South African style psy-trance. In late 2011, They moved into the more recent genre of psy-breaks releasing tracks on local Aussie labels, al well as in the UK.

In early 2013 Jan moved back to the beautiful and sunny Cape Town, home to one of the biggest psy-trance scenes in the world. It was here he decided to go solo and thus Psyde Show was born.


Who = John Clark

What = Progressive Psy + Psybreaks + Psy-Tech + Day Full-On //

Where = Mungus Fungus + Alien Safari + Rezonance + Aloe Roots + Groovy Troopers + Psycho Stompers + 6th Sense + Equinox Experience + Red Telephone //

With = Pixel + GMS + Riktam & Bansi + Sinerider + Antispin + Hedflux + Plasmotek + Bliss + Rosa Ventura + D_Maniac + Anestetic + Sinful Reactions + Tryambaka + Sick Addiction + Wired + Sonic Sense + Dickster + Burn In Noise + Gaudium + Circuit Breakers + Lucas + Attik + Shameless + U-Reckon + Talpa + Headroom + Artifact + Broken Toy + Sad Paradise //


From a young age, DAN SCOT has had a passion for the electronic outdoor scene – specifically Progressive Psy and Full on. His musical journey began 10 years ago with techno on turntables and finally finding his love for psy trance all the while being nurtured into what is the Dan Scot sound today.

Countless sets over the years influenced by his peers and the massive trance community, has blasted his sound into a much more rolling punch ranging from Deep Prog through to mind-bending Prog-On. Its was this exact sound that has lead to him recently being signed to Beartraps sister production “THE COLLECTIVE” who were responsible for the very successful outdoor event “Paradise Beach” where they headlined Morten Granau from Denmark at the picturesque venue, Kogel Bay!

Dan Scot has also appeared on line-ups for Trinity, Dragon Room, Fiction, Sunday Satisfaction, Equinox Experience, Side Show, Rhino Room, Pulse, Affinity and Butterfly Studios. He has also performed at events such as Synergy Music Festival, Boomerang NYE, Paradise Beach, Sunflower Festival, One World NYE, Ground Zero festival, Rezonance NYE and most recently Alien Safari’s Masqued Ball!

Dan Scot is a phenomenal reader of the crowd and continues to deliver an international quality sound that not only begs to be reckoned with but is a guaranteed crowd pleaser every time.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dan-scot


Twitter: @DjDanScot



Sci Lab-Craig Marsh,was born in the golden mountain ranges of Clarence a small but inspiring town.Craig entered the trance scene when he turn eighteen,enjoying a memorable party which change the course of his life.Studying sound engineering at Cape Audio Collage in 2007 gave him the basic knowledge of programing and information on sound which was all he needed to get hooked.Craig has been producing fora few years now so listen out for any new tracks.Craig is one of the co Owner of Mungus Fungus.
Scilab is an open source, cross-platform numerical computational package and a high-level, numerically oriented programming language. It can be used for signal processing, statistical analysis, image enhancement, fluid dynamics simulations, numerical optimization, and modeling and simulation of explicit and implicit dynamical systems


Formul8 is the progressive act of Ferdi Wait


Matron is the progressive act of Matthew Prohn


SnowBot is the progressive act of Alex Meyer


New progressive psy dj project from SoNiC


Twas a dark and brooding night, a tumultuous storm crackled viscously across a cold black sky. The maleficent Dr. Qube and the nefarious Professor E. Magneticus toiled tirelessly over the hulking beast that lay before them on a bed of bitter steel. For months they had wrought against the seemingly endless nights, pushing themselves ever deeper into the infinite chasms of madness and insanity as they wrangled vainly against the very laws of Science and Physics…
Until that one fateful night, at the stroke of a momentous midnight, a bolt of pure white lightning tore violently into their rooftop superconductor and surged right into the veins of their obscene laboratory. “EUREKA!” They cried. THE BEAST HAD COME TO LIFE!!!


D-ADDICTION is Adi Ashkenazi (aka Quantize) From Israel.Some of the biggest Progressive the Globe has seen


South African born and Cape Town resident, Hiyarant is one of South Africa’s most talented Psy- trance producers in the scene today. With his first album “Collision” being suggested the best Psy- trance album to be released in 2007 by BPM Magazine in South Africa, there is no stopping this talented young producer. Hiyarant is signed to and co-owner of Cape Town based Psy-Trance record label Disasterpeace Records.
Hiyarant’s other projects include fronting the dynamic live Psy- Trance act Smugg Juggler as lead producer and live bass guitarist, the group are also signed to Disasterpeace Records . Hiyarant also co-produces alongside “Frozen Ghost” who together form the explosive Psy- act “Dirty Motion”
With a debut solo international album release, a newly released “Dirty Motion” album, numerous international single releases and co-owner of one of South Africa’s fastest growing Psy-Trance labels, Hiyarant is making big waves both on his home turf in South Africa and on the international stage. With a live act that is as intense and emotional as his music, one would be hard pressed to find an artist in the scene today who can entertain like Hiyarant.

☆ NO U18 / NO ID, NO ENTRY! ★



Pre sold Tickets will be available from the 6th of July.We will give all the places you can purchase them once they are available.
Phase 1 – R100 Early Bird tickets (200)
Phase 2 – R140 (800)

And If we have not sold out we will be charging R160 at the door.So Keep your ears and eyes open cause tickets are going to fly.

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