Special anti-Drinking & Driving Mirrors (we want anti-beer goggle ones)

Drinking and driving is always a bad idea and this little bit of brilliance from Insurance company Allianz and OgilvyOne Brazil, they showed people why.

The idea was that if people could be targeted while still in the club they might be convinced to use some better judgement and not drive home. This was done by installing “Drunken Mirrors” in the bathrooms of bars and clubs. These mirrors look like normal mirrors but are set up to display the reflections a fraction later than normal- in the same way a boozed person sees a pedestrian crossing the road (a second too late). This is a fantastic little initiative but there is something that I would love to see another ad company come up with- a beer goggles mirror.

The beer goggles mirror would have many bright spotlights and display the reflections of the person on the left in high clarity. This way if you stood infront of the mirror and made sure to stand on the right side you could then see the person you think is hot in the club for what they actually look like- in the same way a sober person would. No more awkies mornings to deal with- problem solved.

DRUNK MIRROR from DrunkMirror on Vimeo.

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