Check who’s sending you spam messages with WASPA’s new service

WASPA Spam Messages
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The Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association (WASPA) has just launched a brand new online service that will allow South Africans to identify the sender of a short, long or USSD code for free.

The new service, called The Codes Project, is an extension of WASPA’s Do Not Contact (DNC) initiative which is a list that consumers can submit their number to in order to avoid unsolicited SMS messaging.

The Codes Project will allow users to identify unwanted messages, advertising products, and the ability to determine the legitimacy of the code’s owner. However, the platform will only contain information about service providers that are registered with WASPA. According to WASPA, if the sender is identified, “consumers will have additional peace of mind knowing that they are communicating with a reputable player that is bound by the WASPA Code of Conduct.”

Speaking to BusinessTech, Ilonka Badenhorst, managing executive at WASPA explains: “If the company that sent the SMS is registered with WASPA, their contact details will be provided, allowing the consumer to contact them directly to obtain more information on the originator of the message, to request to be removed from the database or to lodge a complaint.”

She said that in a situation where the organisation sending the messages fails to comply, the consumer can then contact WASPA directly, as the organisation has a well-established complaints process. WASPA members engaged in direct SMS marketing campaigns are also required to check the DNC list every week.

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“It is worth noting that the Consumer Protection Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act contain specific provisions regulating direct marketing and that WASPA’s Code incorporates all of the requirements of these laws,” says Badenhorst. “Moreover, this Code is binding on members of WASPA and any companies sending messages via a WASPA member.”

“This means that consumers that make use of the DNC and Codes facilities can rest assured that WASPA’s members – and their clients – can only send marketing messages to them if they are already a customer or have specific permission to do so, as well as being easily identifiable as the sender.”

To use the service (WASPA’s Do Not Contact service) visit the WASPA website Find more trending content, right here.

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