South Africa’s popular one-stop cannabis shop ‘Zootly’ launch their stylish online store

Cape Town's popular one-stop cannabis shop Zootly launch their stylish online store

On the 17th October 2018, the very same day that Canadians collectively lit their first legal joint, co-owners of Zootly, Derek and Chris joined forces to start their venture into the budding marijuana industry. What started as an informative cannabis-related blog soon turned into a passion for sourcing the very best products and distributors across the global industry and bringing it home for South Africans to enjoy.

Now, a year later, situated in the stylish warehouse complex, Mason’s Press in Woodstock is their impressive cannabis retail outlet that locals have come to love. The trendy space offers cannabis enthusiasts everything from smoking devices to edibles and all the goods you need to grow your bud, from tents to lights, soil and more.

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“We loved the in-store Zootly experience and would highly recommend popping in to explore their wide range of products,” says Craig Stack, founder of MyCityByNight, but if you’re not in Cape Town or not near Woodstock, we’ve got good news for you – Zootly has just launched their stylish online shop which offers practically everything available in store!

Their online store offers all your favourite Zootly products, growing mediums, vapes, CBD products and edibles, all available right at your fingertips plus there’s a wide range of informative articles to keep the avid cannabis aficionado on top of their game.

If you’re looking for premium cannabis products, at a price that won’t break your “bong bank”, then give this owl a hoot. Take a look at a few of our favourite, must-have products we found Zootly’s brand new online store below and be sure to check out Zootly on Facebook and Instagram or simply get shopping on right now.

Zootly Smoke

The entire exclusive Zootly Smoke range is available to purchase online. Get your hands on stylish storage such as their Zoot Tubes and Zoot Cases plus Zoot Grinders and a wide range of oil and dry bud vapes.

Star Products: Zoot Tube and Airvape XS GO

The AirVape XS GO is a palm-friendly dry herb vaporizer designed to deliver good quality hits. This vaporizer features a very attractive and minimalistic design with ergonomic grip, one-button control, 5 preset temperatures and magnetic lid while the slick Zoot Tube is a perfect way and stylish way to store your hand-rolled delights

Zootly Grow

Online shoppers can choose from a huge selection of soils from the best providers, peat moss discs, rock wool, nutrients, root hormones, drying racks, indoor grow tents, fabric pots, high-end lighting and so much more.

Star Products: Zootly Growing Tent [1,2m x 1,2m x 2m] and California Lightworks SolarSystem 550

The Zootly Tent and California Lightworks SolarSystem 550 creates the perfect controlled environment for your indoor grow. The SolarSystem features the latest generation high-efficiency LEDs and the most versatile control system on the market. This commercial indoor LED lighting system is perfect for a single light in a tent or several hundred lights in a large commercial operation. Discover full product specs and different sizes on

Zootly Edibles

If it’s edibles you’re looking for then look no further – Zootly‘s got a variety of CBD infused lollipops, cookies, brownie mix and more.

Star products: The Healthy Coffee Guy CBD Coffee and Thrive Artisan Cannabis Chocolate

Thrive is a vegan artisanal dark chocolate candy bar which is blended with the finest CBD extracts for an uplifting feel while The Healthy Coffee Guy CBD Coffee is available in a medium and espresso roast.

Zootly Skincare

Pamper yourself or a loved one and order from a variety of CBD-infused skincare products, the CANNAS sentinels care range and Oil Science.

Star Products: CANNASSENTIALS CBD Repair Cream and CANNASSENTIALS CBD Chill Spray

Cannassentials CBD Repair Cream is a specially developed hypo-allergenic formulation for dry, damaged and ageing skin while the Cannassentials CBD Chill Oral Spray provides a sufficient dose of the highest quality hemp-extracted CBD and is the perfect travel size!

Zootly CBD

CANNASSENTIALS CBD oils available online and in-store plus exciting news CBD oils still to come

Star product: Oil Science Cinnamon Flavoured CBD Oil Drops

The Oil Science cinnamon flavoured CBD Oil Drops are a blend of pure, 300mg lab-tested CBD extract, mixed with a cold-pressed hemp oil carrier. It is 100% THC-free and causes no psychoactive effects.

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