South Africa’s Most Searched Items on Google Are So Underwhelming


Way to go South Africa! Other than your excessive time spent on Pornhub you’ve gone and generated the most boring searches of all 2018 – in the entire world. Below are South Africa’s most daily searched items on Google [including trying to understand¬†simple reproduction] and it’s sort of underwhelming.

Near me searches

Nando’s near me
McDonald’s near me
Steers near me
Debonairs near me
Spur near me

Most Asked Questions

How to get pregnant?
What is listeriosis?
What time is the royal wedding?
How old is Meghan Markle?
How old is Prince Harry?
How old is Pharrell Williams?

Most searched recipes

Oxtail recipes
Cocktail recipes
Easy dessert recipes
Butternut recipes
Sweet potato recipes

Top searches

Load shedding
Global Citizen
World Cup Fixtures

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