Introducing South Africa’s first official Cannabis Cup

Introducing South Africa's first official Cannabis Cup
Introducing South Africa's first official Cannabis Cup

MyCityByNight is proud to announce our partnership with Zootly’s Cannabis Cup which welcomes growers of all levels!

June 2020, South Africa: Weed growers can now compete for the title of supreme, Mzansi cannabis cultivator – South Africa’s number one cannabis cup. The country’s best marijuana judges will be ruling on four criteria and most importantly, a grand first prize worth R12 100 will go to the winner! Sure, there’ll also be a trophy – because this is the first-ever Zootly’s Cannabis Cup – South Africa’s number one cannabis cup

President Seeds, the main sponsor of the event, believes the waiting is over and after two legal growing seasons, it is about time to see if South Africans have developed green fingers. 

“We’ve collaborated with President Seeds a few times, and their product is spectacular,” says Neil Liddell, Founder of the Haze Club, “It’s through collaborations like these that our company has been able to operate at the ragged edge of what is legally allowed. 

As a community, we believe that growing cannabis opens so many potential avenues for South Africans.”

Cannabis Cup

The organisers of the event also realised that as everyone is home due to COVID-19, this makes it the perfect time to really hone in on their horticultural skills. 

Garden Route Genetics:- After searching the foothills of South Africa for the very best local talent Zootly discovered Garden Route Genetics. By far the best local breeder and we are immensely proud to include them in Zootly’s Cannabis Cup.

To make this an unbiased competition Zootly has invited local cannabis industry movers to judge:

The adjudicators will be judging the best bud by the following criteria:

  • Aesthetics: trichome development, resin production, bud density, and manicuring 
  • Fragrance 
  • Taste: we want to make sure that it is a tasty harvest. 
  • And finally, the effect, the strength, and feelings of the high. 

In the initial rounds of adjudication, it will be strictly about the aesthetics and smell. Once the top 12 have been finalised, then the judges will have two weeks to sample the top buds. This will all be done through blind tasting, with each flower being given a number.   

So how does one enter the first Zootly’s Cannabis Cup – South Africa’s number one cannabis cup? 

You will need to register your entry by Sunday, 21 June 2020. To enter, you will need to pay an entry fee of R500. This will get you a complimentary 3 pack of the President Seeds feminized seeds or a 6 pack of Garden Route Genetics regular seeds of your choice which are to be grown for your entry, rolling papers, and stickers, as well as a digital kit of elements to use on your social media. If you already have one of these breeders seeds or have already started growing them you can enter at no charge.

Finally, once you’re ready, you’ll need to submit 12 grams of dried, cured, and manicured flowers in a sealed jar, with the President Seeds or Garden Route Genetics strain name and your name on it, by Saturday, 31 October 2020. 

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How you grow it is up to you! We know that this is ‘indoor season’, but we’ve seen miracles. So, perform one.

For the winner of South Africa’s first Zootly’s Cannabis Cup – South Africa’s number one cannabis cup, there’s a California Lightworks SolarXtreme 500 rig, worth R12 100, waiting for you. The runners up don’t go home empty-handed, 2nd place gets a R2 500 voucher from Zootly, and 3rd place wins a R1 100 voucher from President Seeds. 

If you think you have a green finger and are capable of growing amazing cannabis, this is your moment to shine. 

Click here to get started on your journey to claim the Zootly’s Cannabis Cup – South Africa’s number one cannabis cup And read more on the latest local cannabis news right here.

Cannabis Cup

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