South Africa’s 25 Electronic Artists: 25 & Under

Top 25 Artist Under 25
MyCityByNIght dug deep to find the 25 top South African artists under the age of 25 making waves within their genre.


EDIT: The 2019 version is currently WORK IN PROGRESS as we celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the “South Africa’s 25 Electronic Artists: 25 & Under”.

So this is something new we’ve been sitting on for a little while and thought we’d go public with it because why not share something new with new people?

I’d like to introduce you all to “The List” with yours truly GonZo.

The concept behind it literally just pools a list relating to a comparative topic, like in this case: 25 Artists – 25 & Under in SA. From this point, we will continue to generate lists till the edge of the horizon and in turn help give exposure to all things South African in some way or the other.

A little about myself: This is GonZo (aka Nurulmobeen Musthapa) #ReportingForDuty once again. A DJ in the Cape Town psytrance scene at 23 years of age and under the monikers of Carbon8 and Eastern Acoustics as well. I hope to cultivate something which could gain traction & build interactions between different people in the music community in due time and hope my personal knowledge of the field will be of sufficient nature to bring about something new and fresh every week.

Until the next time… This is your Captain #OverAndOut

NB: These selections were made purely based on personal assessment of originality and presence and understand the significance of other entities meeting the criteria (which we would love to know about). With that being said here is the checklist followed: Any genre, DJ/Producer, 25 and under, (if duo or more) at least one member under 25, currently resides in South Africa


Artist name: Skatta/Young Mogul
Age: (16)
City: Durban
Genre: Various

The youngest and most versatile artist on the list, Aryan Dayal (Skatta) is a 16-year-old producer from Durban who digs into deeper tones to cultivate his sound originating from his fondness of old school HipHop/RnB & jazz. For his age, Aryan really understands what he needs to do to as an artist to really captivate those listening to his work and in turn leading to a very visual experience being exhibited.


Artist name: Secondnature
Age: (23)
City: Cape Town
Genre: Techno

The brainchild of Sebastian Kühne & Emil de Beer (Secondnature), this is a project which will make any music enthusiast sit up and take note. Secondnature is the new kids on the block with their production focusing on chunky yet aggressive bass work and driving drum loops. There’s not much one can say apart from that this act needs to be witnessed live and appreciated for its brilliance. A perfect example is their latest release “21” on Homesick Music.


Artist name: Brother
Age: (24)
City: Cape Town
Genre: House/Techno

The Matt & Wes Billett (Brother) are a real-life sibling duo who are owning the floor all over Cape Town becoming regulars on all major event rosters. Their ability to communicate with the crowd through their music has earned them a place with the Future Frequency Festival family as well as a residency with We Love Summer. They’re also releasing dance floor bombs time and time again.


Artist name: Syzo
Age: (23)
City: Durban
Genre: Minimal/Techno/House

Formerly known as Syzo B, Byron Sinnema (Syzo) is the dark night to the techno scene with so much of his quality production being put out by international labels its hard not to mistake him for an international artist. With releases for Audiophile, Bosphorus Underground and lately Black Sheep with an edit for Joy Corporation Byron is going to be one of the few producers who will be obligated to work on the international circuit in due time.


Artist name: Malcohol
Age: (21)
City: Maputho / Cape Town
Genre: House/Deep

Originally from Mozambique, Malcon Capitine (Malcohol) is one of many artists to break into the bass house scene in South Africa. He stands on this list due to his ability to put out a copious amount of uniqueness in his production in the most subtle of ways. Some have described his sound in the simplest terms as “Pure” and rightfully so with an open-minded approach to his production giving him an advantage in an already saturated field.


Artist name: Hendrik Joerges
Age: (20)
City: Durban
Genre: Future Bass

Hendrik Joerges by name and alias is a young and dynamic South African artist signed to Das’s Do Work Records for his exploits as both a producer and all around recommended talent amongst his peers. The most named artist when queried about, Hendrik is fast becoming the pioneer of future bass in South Africa and in time will be able to own the field regardless of what stage he plays on.


Artist name: Mogey
Age: (21)
City: Durban/Cape Town
Genre: Deep/Tech

Callin Klopper (Mogey) now only 21 has made a name for himself with the help of an almost unique rendition of progressive techno & deep house in his sets. After cementing various residencies all over Durban, Callin has again owned his craft with his production, the few he has exposed us to online, gaining much momentum across the globe and has become anthems in clubs all over South Africa.


Artist name: Heavy K
Age: (25)
City: Port Elizabeth
Genre: Afrohouse

Afrohouse in its own right is a very niche genre in South Africa but no one is recognised more for it than Mkhululi Siqula (Heavy K). Known to many as the “Drumboss”, Heavy K is one of the few household names to originate from Nelson Mandela Bay (formerly known as Port Elizabeth) and has represented his sound and hometown to the greatest effect, winning a SAMA in 2015 for his track Easy To Love.


Artist name: Dida Dunjana
Age: (22)
City: Cape Town
Genre: House

Masixole (Dida) Dunjana is a man of many talents. Apart from a being a DJ who is only just maturing as an artist he also dabbles in graphic design where he is just as formidable. A person who believes that there is a culture in every note that needs to be understood, Dida is a person, if given the chance, can help revolutionise the way we understand music and sound as a whole.


Artist name: Chad Da Don
Age: (24)
City: Pretoria
Genre: HipHop/Rap
@Chad Da Don

Donovan Mansoor (Chad Da Don) is an artist who has the ability to bridge the gap between genres with his apparent skill and experience. With work alongside the likes of Locnville to prove this point, Chad Da Don can be viewed as the Black Swans alongside various other Rap artists in terms of their craft. We can only dream of what is to come in the near future from this artist.


Artist name: Bander
Age: (24)
City: Cape Town
Genre: Techno

The mighty Jan Binder (Bander) can only be described as an artist who makes you beg for more. Developing numerous amounts of deep and driving tones out of his tracks, Jan is a fresh take on what one can expect from an artist coming out of the techno scene from places like Berlin. Currently signed to Potobolo Records, Funk’n Deep Records, Be One Records & Groovant Music, is leading us to a very bright and unique future in the South African techno scene.


Artist name: Speedsta
Age: (25)
City: Johannesburg
Genre: HipHop/RnB

Now a household name, Lesego Nkaiseng (Speedsta) originates from the Vaal Triangle where he lived before moving to Johannesburg where his career as both a DJ & Producer excelled. Gaining great success from his singles Don’t Worry, featuring Cashtime Fam, Couple More featuring Maggz & Ma-E & Hangout featuring Riky Rick & Kid X he branched into radio and TV which led to the recording of his debut album and with no end in sight so many more possibilities to come.


Artist name: Priest
Age: (25)
City: Cape Town
Genre: Psytrance

A very down to earth character, Rameez Reagon (Priest) is another productive talent the newer psytrance production banner has to offer. With his sound being cheeky and innovative wrapped up in a big ball of psychedelic authenticity, Rameez is the perfect example to show people how dedication to your craft can bring joy to those around you. Signed to Craig Marsh’s Spectrum/Reboot Label you can catch him as soon as this weekend to come.


Artist name: DWSON
Age: (23)
City: Cape Town
Genre: Deep House

Another diamond in the rough, Ashwin Julies (DWSON) has been described as cutting-edge with a whole lot of groove in between. A regular in Cape Town’s Red Bull Studio, Ashwin’s leads a very emotional project as his DWSON tracks are what is referred to as essentially deep. A perfect example of his quality is explained effectively through his collab Abyssal with Vandal M on DeepWit Recordings.


Artist name: Nasty C
Age: (20)
City: Durban
Genre: HipHop/Rap

Nsikayesizwe David Jr Ngcobo (Nasty C) is another young export hailing from Durban. Recognised for his talents back in 2015 for a Best Freshman Award, he was the youngest recipient of an award at South African Hip Hop Awards. With productions alongside Davido, Cassper Nyovest & Anatii, the Nasty C epidemic has only just begun & hope to hear a bit more from the artist come spring 2017.


Artist name: Angel-Ho
Age: (23)
City: Cape Town
Genre: Dub/Experimental

Angelo Valerio (Angel-Ho) is by far one of the most unique entries on this list thus far with the most mind-melting non-conforming style one could possibly imagine. A sound only able to be explained by Alice’s Hatter, it holds an almost cultural significance and begs the mind to be open just a bit more than expected. With so much to offer it’s only a matter of time before you personally understand the serenity behind the madness.


Artist name: Deep Aztec
City: Cape Town / Johannesburg
Genre: House/Deep

Artist & Label Manager at Turn Left Recordings, Aza Jezile (Deep Aztec) is one of the many class acts to graduated from SAE Institute for Music Production. With his Deep Aztec live act well underway, his sound is deep & groovy but still packs quite a lot of punch and power in each track. At only 25, we can just sit back and wait for another release or two curated by Red Bull Studios CPT to blow us away. Oh, and did we mention he’s going to be releasing through Watergate Berlin with Marco Resmann


Artist name: RoomMush
Age: (24)
City: Cape Town
Genre: Minimal

An old soul to the commercial DJ circles, Joshua Horwitz (RoomMush) is hard to stop at this very moment. One of the founding fathers of the minimal movement in Cape Town, his work ethic and overall quality as an artist has earned him a release on Doubkore’s Doubsquare records. Wise to keep an eye on him as you can expect a collaborative release with international minimal artist Jon Mesquita very soon.


Artist name: Youngsta
Age: (24)
City: Cape Town
Genre: HipHop/Rap

A powerful & energetic presence, Riyadh Roberts (Youngsta) is the answer to the world which seeks a voice. An individual who feeds of his surroundings and build on his experiences, Youngsta is just getting started with his fresh take on local Rap & HipHop. Good friends and work colleagues of media icon Yuzriq Meyer, he would say that Riyadh’s work is a very real reflection of South African culturalism and Cape Town flavour.


Artist name: Da Capo
Age: (22)
City: Polokwane
Genre: House

Not many in the house scene can go without mentioning Nicodimas Sekheta Mogashoa (Da Capo). A self-taught DJ & Producer his work has earned him praise from the likes of Ralf Gum, Rockboy & Andy Compton to name a few as well as signing a deal with Nick Holder’s label DNH Records. A home-grown hero, Da Capo is the next one of the few who is in line to carry on the torch from the great Black Coffee when his time comes.


Artist name: D_KNOW
Age: (24)
City: Cape Town
Genre: Techno

Techno monarch & Knowledge Recordings Owner, Dean Jones (D_KNOW) is one of Do Works Records most talented rising stars at only 25. 2017 is no joke for Dean as well with releases coming out on Organism (Switzerland) and Teknotribe (Johannesburg). He is known for his out-of-the-box persona which radiates throughout his sets, he is well known for being able to spark joy in different crowds hailing testament to his ability as both an artist & producer exploring the sounds many artists wouldn’t usually delve deep into.


Artist name: Loophole
Age: (19)
City: Cape Town
Genre: Psytrance

A newly signed prospect of Mechanik Records, Benjamin Loggenberg (Loophole) has risen up to become a pinnacle part of the future psytrance pioneers in the South African scene. Under the watchful eye of Kieron Grieve (Rubix Qube) he has cultivated a sound focused around twilight and has filled a niche longing for support over the last few years. Someone to keep an eye on locally and hopefully on the international circuit soon, Loophole is the best choice to spearhead the evolution of psytrance within South Africa.


Artist name: Phaze
Age: (24)
City: Cape Town
Genre: DnB

A regular on Mark Steven’s (Niskerone) “It Came From The Jungle” roster, Alex Marias (Phaze) is one of the chiefs in charge of the DnB revival taking over Cape Town. With an initial 5 years of DJing experience to his name, his personal production quality is nothing shy of brilliant. Currently signed to Filthy Technique (UK) & Philosophy Recordings (UK) his releases have ramped up a good amount of traction on Beatport with his work “Cosmos” reaching 22 in the DnB Top 100.


Artist name: Chee
Age: (22)
City: Pretoria
Genre: Bass

A true pioneer of his craft, Chee is low-key, commanding the bass music movement not only in Pretoria but South Africa as a whole. With much support from the likes of Noisia, Chee’s vibrant yet glitchy production style earned him some time to put out material under Skrillex’s NestHQ label in the form of a cheecky minimix and ultimately his first release under the label named Speak With Eyes & See In Tongues.


Artist name: STAB Virus
Age: (24)
City: Cape Town
Genre: Techno

Fresh off their trip to the Reunion Islands for Les Electropicales, Siphe Tebeka & Makonwabe Bekwa have taken the Techno platform by storm under the moniker of Stab Virus. With just over two years under the projects belt, the Stab Virus duo are commanding the field both nationally & internationally with a recent call up to Awakenings Festival 2017 in Amsterdam – the first South African act to claim this prestige call up. It is literally only the beginning for these two.

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