Petition | South Africans rally to throw-out The Internet Censorship Bill

Internet Censorship Bill
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If national lockdown hasn’t given you an idea of what a communist South Africa would look like – then The Films and Publications Amendment Bill (as it stands now) definitely will.

Much like the Chinese Communist Party – who controls which websites and information its citizens are allowed to have access to, South Africa’s Films and Publications Amendment Bill aka The Internet Censorship Bill aims to take full control of both the media and the public’s right to freedom of speech and access to information.

According to reports, the Bill is an attempt to force all social media users to register with the Film and Publications Board (FPB) before uploading videos to social media sites.

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If the Bill is passed, it will be an unjustifiable infringement on the constitutional right to privacy, placing all viewers of X18-rated content on a list which government will have unrestricted access to.

And it will give the government the power to pre-classify online content before you share it with your friends and family.

This attempt to censor South Africans’ use of the Internet threatens our democracy by limiting freedom of speech.

For even more about the Internet Censorship Bill, visit MyBroadband and sign the petition by Dear South Africa.

Read more on the latest local news, right here.

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  1. You cannot do this to South Africa. We are a free country. I DO NOT SUPPORT SUCH DRACONIAN LAWS

  2. Free spech is a human right.This is a criminal decision for all South Africans.I will not support this ever.

  3. Freedom of speech is our constitutional right. The government should work for the people that elected them, not against them!

  4. We will not stand for ANC to take media blackage.. We will show the world the truth..

  5. NO, NNO AND AGAIN No to this. We’re not a communist country. This is absolute violation of the democracy and freedom of speech

  6. This goes against free speech and democracy so I am apposed to this bill.

  7. People have the Freedom to expression. Freedom of speech. Whether conspiracy or not, people should have the freedom and right to decide that for themselves. We can not allow the elites to control what we say hear and see.

  8. Will not be dictated too by communists. Do these people not see that this ideology has failed so many times over?

  9. I am totally against this bill and any other wich contravenes our constatution. NO to this bill.

  10. Freedom of speech, no corruption, stop crime, support the poor…


  12. Why limit the growth of this country even more? Not very smart or forward thinking!
    Freedom of speech ✌️

  13. Free speech is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT and needs to be preserved!! by censoring this and the internet Information platform confirms that they want to take control of our thoughts and want to push their narrative ONLY

  14. This is just ridiculous. More control and regulations this pathetic, power-hungry government wants to impose on its citizens. They can shove it!

  15. No one is allowed to curb our right to free speech!!!! This is not a dictatorship.

  16. Who are they to dictate what i can share and what i can’t? This is not China!?!?!?!

  17. This is absolutely unacceptable. The only reason this government would do such shady things is because they want to hide what they are getting up to. #voetsekANC

  18. I’m fighting for my right to freedom of speech and knowledge and information.

  19. Democracy. Democracy. Democracy. Your sensorship plan does not fit in.

  20. This is communism and not democracy. It also goes against our human rights.

  21. No internet bill! This will totally go against our constitution and you’ll turn us in to another Zimbabwe!!! Please save our beautiful and beloved South Africa!!!

  22. No!No! No! NO ! No no no Freedom of speech is our constitutional right.

  23. We are tired of government trying to muzzle the citizens of SA. By trying to enforce this bill ,we are going to end up with NO voice what so ever . We are pushing back

  24. We live in a democracy where we have freedom of speech, YOU WILL NOT TAKE THAT RIGHT AWAY FROM ME!!

  25. “Let us live and strive for freedom in South Africa our land”

  26. How more arrogant arrogant u byt can this people go? What a

  27. We are born free and pay for our internet .. so stop the nonsense of controlling people

  28. We are suppose to be living in a democratic country! This bill is against our human rights!!

  29. I do not consent to my right to freedom of speech to be taken from me. Another communist attempt by the ANC to control citizens and hide their theft and corruption

  30. What are they so afraid of ?? I can’t see any other reason why this ‘government’ want’s to control what we see/say/hear….what have they got to hide?? I’m totally against this, what happened to democracy and freedom of speech?

  31. No way even our Father of the Nation, Mandela would have agreed to this. Its against human rights and freedom of speech.

  32. When did we become a Communist Country??? We are free and always will be.

  33. NO to this internet censorship bill. We as South Africans have the right to freedom of speech. This is a democratic country, not autocratic. The draconian measures by the ABC, proves they don’t believe in democracy and wants to force their Marxism on the people. The time is over ripe for the anc to get out and make way for a new government for all people.

  34. This government has to be stopped. All South Africans please support the new struggle against corruption and communism

  35. This is a violation of our human rights! I will never support this, NEVER EVER!!

  36. If the freedom of speech is taken away then silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

  37. Democracy and freedom to choose. No censorship, no censorship at all.

  38. We won’t be prisoners of any kind…we have the right to freedom of speech any and everywhere

  39. The government must mind their own business.
    They want to stop us from telling the outside world what is happening to us in this country

  40. This is not democracy… it’s just the beginning of communism

  41. maybe relocate to china and north korea if you want yo introduce these communist rules, this is South Africa and not some communist country

  42. I am signing this petition, because this is a free country!

  43. Trying to hide their insatiable appetites for corruption by doing that still won’t work.
    It’s not a communist country or a middle eastern one. First someone that turns off the lights whenever the feel like it now this.

  44. The apartheid government used censorship to divide us. We cannot go back to censored manipulation. Only a scared government does this.

  45. I am against this bill, it infringes on my rights to express myself

  46. I do not support this draconian law. This is democrazy not democracy

  47. This is a damfer to freedom of speech and expression if allowed in its current proposed form

  48. What happened to the Freedom of speech enshrined in our Constitution?

  49. South Africans are free people, and we will fight you every step of the way

  50. No way can you even think of such an action ! this is plain for all to see that you are now again trying to control the people ! us ! hell no!!!!

  51. Infringement of our constitutional rights must be opposed vigorously by all

  52. This bill is unconstitutional and will infringe on freedom of speech.

  53. We have the right to share whatever we want without the ANC’s permission.

  54. No to censorship. You have lost the last two brain cells you had left.

  55. In a democracy laws are meant to be just & pertinent, not to protect and hide corruption and wrong doing. A BIG NO !!

  56. We supposed to be a free democratic country, are we not? This bill infringes on our democratic rights

  57. This is against our constitutional right!!! Freedom of speech!!! Stop this communist dictatorship now!

  58. Typical control freeks. Communist regime. Eventually you will end up like another Cuba with phuckall to its name. Pathetic useless individuals

  59. Communism never works, SA agreed to free speech and rights not a bunch of lawless gangster thugs!!

  60. It is against my human rights – I will not follow the draconian laws

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