South Africans are outraged by Cape Town’s new hefty fines for the homeless

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South African social media is lighting up with outrage over Cape Town’s newly instated fines for the homeless. The country is condemning the Cape’s war against the homeless which will now see the city fine people for various “offences” such obstructing pedestrian traffic, erecting shelters in undesignated areas and starting fires in public areas.

With winter in full swing, shelter and warmth are what the homeless need more than ever and the simple fact remains that these people have no means of paying any fines. To take what little the homeless have – just for trying to stay dry and warm – only makes them more vulnerable and worsens the cycle of poverty. It’s simply unjust.

We are appalled and disgusted by the City of Cape Town’s war on the homeless, a merciless and heartless onslaught that has seen some of those living on the streets fined for offences such as obstructing pedestrians. We demand that the City stops this cruel, inhuman enforcement of its by-laws immediately, as well as show more compassion by making more shelters available to the homeless.” – ANC Western Cape secretary Faiez Jacobs

But that’s not all, sleeping in a stationary vehicle for longer than 24 hours is also against the law, and fines will be handed out for this infringement too. Starting a fire in a public space could get you fined R1 500 while obstructing a sidewalk could cost up to R300 and littering, that will start at R50 per offence.

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Law enforcement reportedly said the city had received numerous complaints from “locals” about homeless people infringing city by-laws and that all the above offences have always been illegal and that the city is merely enforcing these laws by fining the individuals.

Take a look at what some of the public had to say below and read more on the latest local news right here.

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