Watch | South African Satanic Church closed to the public to protect high-profile worshipers

south african satanic church
South Africa - Cape Town - 11 June 2020 - Riaan Swiegelaar and Adri Norton Co-Founders of the South African Satanic Church. Picture" Brendan Magaar/African News Agency(ANA)

Founders of the now registered South African Satanic Church, Riaan Swiegelaar and Adri Norton have recently come forward to discuss some of the controversies behind the congregation and clear up some misconceptions.

Speaking to eNews, the founders said that members of the public, who are not members of the South African Satanic Church, will not be allowed to attend church services and rituals in order to protect the identity of TV personalities and leading businessmen who are practising Satanists.

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They did, however, say that non-members will be able to attend certain services by invitation such as weddings.

Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence

The pair also took to social media to clear up some misconceptions about the church and religion. According to Swiegelaar, Satanists do not believe in the devil, or Satan, as an external deity or a being.

“We revere Satan as an archetype,” says Swiegelaar “as a symbol for pride, for joy, for the carnal nature of humanity.”

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