South African political party the FF Plus used an artist’s photograph without compensation

South African political party the FF Plus used an artists photograph without compensation | Photograph by Kyle Goetsch


Here at MyCityByNight, we are just about obsessed with the work of Kyle Goetsch. You may know him under the alias of KyleinCpt, a local photographer whose outstanding work has gained incredible momentum over the past three years.

Kyle’s work goes far beyond just a pretty picture, the images he captures often involve a ton of effort, time, ideal conditions and some obvious risks and dangers. A perfect example of all that combined effort is the captivating image he took of the milky way over Lion’s Head last year. Due to major light pollution in the CBD, this is quite rare to see and still capture. Kyle made several trips up the mountain on numerous evenings just to get the perfect angle to be able to capture and share with us what we cannot ordinarily see.

So when the Freedom Front Plus (VF/ FF Plus) made use of his photo in a thank you message without compensation this week, his frustration was more than warranted. Shown below is KyleinCpt‘s image taken and posted back in April 2018 and below it is the FF Plus’ thank you image posted on their platforms this week, thanking their supporters for voting.

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Milky Way over Lion's Head This is a 12 image panorama of the milky way body over the iconic Lions Head in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been wanting to get this photo for a while now, but is only possible when the conditions are perfect due to the extreme light pollution from the city centre and surrounding suburbs. The perfect conditions require a new moon and low fog rolling over the city from the atlantic ocean to help reduce the light pollution so that the milky way is visible. I have attempted this shot several times which includes hiking part way up Table Mountain and more often then not just sitting in the fog. I finally managed to capture this photo at 5am yesterday morning just as the fog was starting to roll back out over the ocean. Bucket list photo for me 🙂 ___ Nikon D600, loawa 12mm lens, 25sec, 2.8, 1600

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It’s quite clear that the images are identical. Kyle told Business Insider SA that the FF Plus made no effort to contact him for consent or compensation and that the head office has also made no attempts to contact him back after reaching out to them this week.

What’s even worse is that the party didn’t even bother to credit Kyle on their stolen poster which completely ignores the guidelines for publishing content under the creative commons licences agreement.

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Thank you SA for voting for a better future.

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