New South African thriller ‘I Am All Girls’ is making international waves

I Am All Girls

On Friday (14 March) Netflix dropped its latest original feature, the South African produced thriller, I Am All Girls. The chilling film tells the story of a relentless detective who finds common ground with a killer systematically targeting the perpetrators who run a powerful child trafficking ring that involves politicians and even Iranian sheikhs.

The two form an unlikely bond as they race against the clock to ensure justice prevails for the young South African girls who have been sold and resold in an ugly ring of child trafficking.

The film is directed by Donovan Marsh (Avenged, Hunter Killer), written by Wayne Fitzjohn and Marcell Greeffandstars and stars Erica Wessels, Hlubi Mboy, Mothusi Magano, Masasa Mbangeni, Brandon Daniels, Donovan Lotz and more. Since its release this weekend, I Am All Girls trended all the way to Top 2 on Netflix South Africa and is currently in the Top 10 worldwide.

Director, Donovan Marsh describes the films as “a shocking, deeply atmospheric, thrilling mystery and intense character journey into one of the most terrifying tragedies of modern times – child sex trafficking.”

“The single ray of light is the budding relationship between Jodie, an emotional, troubled and honest detective, and the damaged, but powerful Ntombi, who has overcome the constrictions of her abuse and emerged as hard and defiant as an avenging butterfly,” said Marsh.

I Am All Girls based on a true story?

While the story about Ntombi, the child-trafficker-killing vigilante, and her renegade police officer partner is fictional, I Am All Girls is loosely based on true events. More specifically the core of the story is based on a decades-old case from the closing days of the apartheid, in which 6 young girls went missing and the man who would later be implicated in kidnapping the girls – Gert van Rooyen, a South African paedophile and serial killer.

Rooyen and his accomplice Joey Haarhoff are suspected of kidnapping and murdering more than six children. Their last victim, Joan Booysen, managed to escape them and alerted the police. Soon after, Rooyen killed his partner and committed suicide.

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Rooyen’s son, Flippie van Rooyen, alleged that three former National Party ministers were involved in a child smuggling ring with his father. Of the missing girls, he said that some of them had been taken to the Middle East.

However, in the film Gert van Rooyen is represented by the character named Gert de Jager. And in the movie, we see Jager himself giving up information about the involvement of government ministers, instead of Rooyen’s son that, in reality, supplied those details. In the film, Jager is killed off in the movie one day after he mentions the minister’s involvement. In reality, Rooyen committed suicide.

Watch the chilling trailer below and watch the full feature on Netflix.

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