Watch – South African horror film ‘8’ now trending on Netflix

8 aka The Soul Collector

Last July, South African drama-horror film 8 (aka The Soul Collector) premiered at Fantasia – North America’s biggest genre film festival – to notable acclaim, managing to acquire deals for theatrical distribution in several international territories, including the US and on Netflix where the feature is currently trending.

The folklore-inspired film is a first-time feature for director Harold Hölscher and stars Tshamano Sebe, Inge Beckmann, Chris April, Garth Breytenbach and Keita Luna. The film takes place in the ’70s and tells the story of a family settling into their new life in a remote farmhouse where their lives intertwine with a man named Lazarus – a sangoma who has been outcast from his village for bringing his dead daughter back to “life”.

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While the premise of the story sounds wild, 8 isn’t your typical cheap-thrills horror, it’s a slow burn that’s more visually and psychologically intriguing than it is scary. One thing that does stand out too is Tshamano Sebe’s brilliant performance.

While the film managed to get signed internationally, local cinema distributors refused to screen 8 – but that doesn’t really matter because no one’s going to the cinema anyway and the film is currently available on Netflix where it’s trending.

Watch the full trailer for 8 (aka The Soul Collector) below and read more on the latest entertainment news right here.

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