South African game ‘Freja and the False Prophecy’ is nominated for the NGDC Season 4 finals


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Game pitching World Cup: NGDC Season IV finalists announced!

The Season IV Grand Finals of the Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC) will take place at the upcoming Nordic Game conference on 25-27 November. The finals mark the conclusion of the NGDC’s fourth season, with talented game developers battling in fierce but fun pitching contests at NGDC partner events all over the world since last June. On 27 November, one of the 17 finalists will claim victory as the winner of the prestigious NGDC Game of the Year award.

“The talent pool of the NGDC Season IV finalists is the deepest and most diverse we’ve seen in NGDC history,” says NGDC host and organiser Jacob Riis. “It will be very exciting to follow each of them in the final stretch during NG20+ as they battle for top honors – a lot like watching a world cup for game dev talent.”

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South Africa is represented in the Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC) Season IV Grand Finals with Unsigned Double Collective and their game Freja and the False Prophecy

Game Description: Freja and the False Prophecy invites players to take on the role of a Viking shield-maiden who wakes from a shipwreck to find her world in turmoil. Armed with an axe and shield, players must guide Freja through the Nine Realms in search of answers, while facing challenges and foes.

The 17 NGDC Season IV finalists will be very visible during the NG20+ conference this 25-27 November. Attendees will watch videos about each team and their game, then meet with and vote for their favorite on the NG20+ Discord channel.

At the same time, an NGDC expert panel will select three of the teams for the Season IV Grand Finals on Friday, 27 November, where they will compete online in an exciting live streamed finale to determine the top NGDC Season IV team and award the NGDC Season IV Game of the Year.

Follow your local studio in this season’s NGDC finals (here) by securing your NG20+ passes (here) to follow them live through NGDC Season IV Grand Finals this November!

NGDC Season IV is sponsored by Xsolla, Versus Evil, Plan of Attack, Matchmade, Nordic Game Ventures, Karmafy, Microsoft, DDM, AWS Game Tech, WhisperGames and 80 Level.

This year Nordic Game Conference doubles up on their digital debut at NG20 in May with NG20+ on 25-27 November. Learn more and register for NG20+ right here!

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