South African based crypto-company secures all patents filed for their very first device, the MeshCover.

Exciting things to come for Blockmesh fans.

BlockMesh is a software company working in communications and cryptocurrency which utilizes the latest innovation in mesh networking technology to create cost-free communication which has the potential to disrupt the global communication industry in no time at all – seriously!

The South African based crypto-company has successfully secured all the patents filed for their very first hardware product, the MeshCover. The MeshCover is a smartphone cover designed to dramatically increase the range of their mesh network.

What is a mesh network you ask? Well, the mesh network is their backend technology which gives them their ability to create cost-free communication. A mesh network is formed when a group of devices, like your smartphone, pass information between each other, in this case, data. Traditionally, mesh-based devices can pass data within a maximum range of 150m, however, BlockMesh’s technology extends this distance to 15km, effectively expanding the network range by 100%. That means that with only 10 MeshCovers, BlockMesh can ensure that a city as large as London is completely connected. People will be able to start communicating faster and for free all while also generating a passive income from the companies innovating blockchain mining technology.

The sleek MeshCover uses internal radio frequency as well as Bluetooth capabilities to create a mesh network. The MeshCover gathers data packages from the surrounding mobile devices and sends them to another MeshCover where the packages can be converted into Bluetooth data and sent along the mesh network and so on. A smart device will be able to automatically connect to a MeshCover and simultaneously charge both cover and device through one power point. The hardware’s independent power source is also said to prolong the battery life of any smartphone.

That’s all quite a bit to take in but it’s only the tip of the berg. BlockMesh has produced some of the most groundbreaking technology on the global market today and continues to evolve. It’s a company for every class and user. Its goal is to not only to liberate the public with its cost-free, worldwide connection but it also aims to uplift billions across the globe with its self-fulfilling service of paying its users to use it. And while we’ve seen an array of software companies trying to turn mesh networks mainstream, we’re backing BlockMesh – they have both the software and now hardware to take their vision to the next level when they launch their ICO this month!

Price and availability of the MeshCover will be announced soon. Stay tuned to their website, Telegram chat, Twitter, Slack and Facebook to learn more about the MeshCover and other BlockMesh technology as well how you can get your hands on a 10% discount on their ICO on 28 February 2018.

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