SA astrophysicist part of the remarkable international ‘black hole team’ – watch scientists explain the image right here


Yesterday the world witnessed an amazing achievement for both science and humanity as the very first image of a black hole was unveiled. Located at the heart of Messier 87 (M87), a huge galaxy over 55 million light-years from Earth, sits a supermassive black hole which was captured on The Event Horizon Telescope.

Event Horizon isn’t actually just one telescope but rather a group of eight radio telescopes that are stationed on five continents, all of which observed the same areas of space over the course of one week in April 2017.


The final image of the black hole presented to the world yesterday is the result of data that was taken back in 2017 and has taken scientists two years to piece together.

Part of the international group of scientists that made up the Event Horizon Telescope research team was University of Pretoria astrophysicist, Professor Roger Deane. Prof. Deane and his team had the task of developing simulations from the “Earth-sized” telescope used to make the historic discovery.

Watch the entire press conference from yesterday and more below.

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