A South African 100% Karoo Agave: La Leona Launch



You know how much we love our Tequila here at MyCityByNight so when the invitation to join the La Leona launch this Thursday at Cabrito popped into our mail box, we thought we’d share the news with you. This locally produced drink is made from 100% Karoo agave, this is the only Agave spirit in South Africa made in the same traditional method that Tequila and Mezcal are made in Mexico. Say what? Finally, a South African tequila. We can’t wait to get our hands on some at the launch on Thursday.

Come learn how it is made, get a free tasting, have the opportunity to buy a bottle and celebrate the new year on a high energy note!

Theme: 100% Karoo Agave
6pm – 7pm: Free Tasting
7pm: La Leona Journey Presentation
Bottles on sale at 20% SPECIAL LAUNCH DISCOUNT.


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