South Africa Needs Our Own Mullet Festival

The Aussies Have Done Something Right... A Mullet Festival

South Africa is home to many a mullet and the fact that we haven’t made an effort to create our own Mullet Festival like the Aussies did, still mystifies me. The first annual Australian Mullet Festival took place in a little town called Kurri Kurri in the Hunter region of NSW, Australia on February 24th and from the footage from it looks quite spectacular.

The town of Kurri Kurri claims to have invented the hairstyle but to be honest I’m not entirely sure that I believe them. Check it out:

Wow, that really is something to behold. I especially like the fact that the festival seems to have had something for everyone of the mullet persuasion, including a contest to find the country’s best mullet for 2018. What a time to be alive!

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